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Hero Valerio Gallo abandons game in controversy, lots of problems –

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Gran Turismo 7 He said he’s not ‘esports ready’ Valerio Gallowho declared that he wanted it Leave the game Polyphony Digital until the Diverse is resolved Problems Which hits him, an assessment of some importance, considering that it comes from the World Cup of Nations champion in GT Sport.

“I am officially stopping everything until Gran Turismo 7 is a playable game and ready for esports,” Gallo wrote on Twitter in recent days. The idea is that the virtual pilot wanted to send a message above all to Polyphony Digital, in order to get developers to solve problems affecting the online game component.

“I honestly Worry As for the future of Gran Turismo 7,” Gallo previously wrote, arguing that the new chapter seems “no longer fun, not motivating to play,” echoing criticism also coming from other popular streaming players in racing and Gran Turismo in particular, such as Steve Alvarez-Brown.

It should be noted that these protests in this case relate to the Internet component of Gran Turismo 7 and in particular the elements that are more inclined towards eSport, and are therefore a different case compared to the controversies arising from the policy of progress and prices in – the car game, and perhaps related to the aspects that are absorbed by players “standard” To a lesser degree.

According to some pro gamers, the various patches applied so far have ended up penalizing the online multiplayer component which seems to be less accurate than the rest, with more servers Unstable and problematic Compared to what was also seen in Gran Turismo Sport. Among the elements that have been most criticized by these virtual pilots are the management of online lobbies, and the balance and stability of the gaming experience on servers.

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