Home Tech The first model already costs thousands of euros

The first model already costs thousands of euros

The first model already costs thousands of euros

The first iPhone model made history, and it became a prized item for collectors. In some cases with brutal characters

It’s in the pockets (or purses, given the extraordinarily large size of the Plus and Max versions) thanks to its reliability and an excellent ecosystem based on efficient hardware and software interchange. L ‘Iphone It continues to collect significant sales numbers, resulting in a telephony segment that should not be looked at at all, especially in the Android field, with numbers and characteristics that are very strong in some cases.

iPhone 2G
iPhone 2G (eBay screenshot)

This sector of telephony that Apple itself managed to transform many years ago with the transition (historic but later quite fit) from the old mobile phone to the smartphone. And if in the past the telephony market presented some models that are simply unforgettable for their technical or simply physical qualities (think of the indestructible Nokia 3310), then even The first iPhone So it is worth registering in the special rating of devices that were able to “read” the development of the market in advance, and in particular to identify trends.

L ‘iPhone 2G In short, she made history and it is no coincidence that she continues to be the protagonist of the flea market, attracting the attention of collectors. The proposed figures are very variable, inevitably affected by the condition of the device, its normal operation and the presence or absence of original accessories (box, packaging, wires).

While it is not difficult to find iPhone 2G Competitively priced, in some cases the proposed numbers have reached unimaginable numbers. Almost out of work. It is somewhat similar to the historic Apple-1 with a serial number handwritten by Steve Jobs, which appeared only a few months ago in the world’s most famous online marketplace.

iPhone 2G on eBay at (too much) monstre

iPhone 2G
Apple (Unsplash)

L ‘iPhone 2G Suggested by a private seller ebay Until you reach the auction price Over 2000 Euro. The model, marked with the technical code A1203, dates back to the now distant 2007, when the luminous Steve Jobs radically changed the mobile phone market, putting aside old mobile phones, which were distinguished above all by the reliability of the battery and great phone. The CEO of Apple himself, during the demonstration stage, noted the potential of the program, even five years before the competition.

L ‘iPhone 2G It was officially presented on January 9, 2007 at the Macworld Conference and Exhibition. The iPhone features a 3.5-inch multi-touch screen, has a home button under the screen, while the back is decorated with an anodized aluminum frame, with a plastic base necessary to spread the transmission of a Wi-Fi signal.


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