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Hunger Games, the Italian release date of the new film in the saga is changing. And for the fans, this is great news!

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News for fans waiting for its release The Hunger Games: The Crust of the Nightingale and the Serpentan introduction to the epic tournament Jennifer Lawrence Which dazzled millions between 2012 and 2015. It is expected to hit theaters on November 22, 2023, now History has changed And this time it’s good news for those waiting to see it.

Notorious picturesthe distribution company that’s about to bring the prequel to the big screen in our region, has actually announced that it has The release has been brought forward to November 15, a week before the expected date. Thus, Italy will be one of the first countries in the world where the film will be shown Directed by Francis Lawrence — the same person who edited three of the four films with Lawrence and who recently said he regretted the way the saga’s ending was handled — will make his cinematic debut.

Meanwhile, he was also released a few hours ago Second Italian trailer Which takes us back to Panem, years before it was born Katniss Everdeen. Actually, back to Tenth edition of The Hunger GamesWhile the main saga of the 74th Harvest began. In the middle of the scene is a young man Coriolanus Snow Interpreted by Tom Blythe and Lucy Gray Bird, a tribute girl from District 12, played her Rachel Ziegler.

The second Italian trailer for The Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Nightingale and the Serpent

In the cast of this prequel, in addition to the two previously mentioned heroes, we find the Oscar nominee Viola Daviswinner of four Emmy Awards Peter DinklageStar trance Hunter Schafer And Jason Schwartzman. However, below you can find the official synopsis and poster with the update date:

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Years before he became the tyrannical head of Panem, eighteen-year-old Coriolanus Snow was the last hope for the good name of his crumbling house: a proud family that had fallen from grace in the Capitol after the war. As the tenth edition of The Hunger Games approaches, young Snow fears for his reputation as he is appointed mentor to Lucy Graybeard, the glorious girl from the wretched District 12. But when Lucy Gray charms the entire nation of Panem by singing along in the challenging atmosphere of the Harvest Party, Snow realizes he can turn things around. Combining their instincts for the spectacle with political cunning, Snow and Lucy aim to survive a race against time that will decide who is the Nightingale and who is the Serpent.

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