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Gold buying agencies: the science to support valuation

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sell gold It is not a simple and straightforward process as one might think; It is actually a delicate and meticulous procedure that requires a lot of attention from both the seller and the buyer. Given the introduction, this article was prepared in collaboration with Orolifeowner buy gold in romewants to clarify some concepts and tools related to gold tradingTo provide support to any seller eager to sell their precious metals the right way.

gold price

The logical premise in selling is that it is clear what value the thing – in this case, gold – has reached at that very moment. Applying this logic to transactions involving precious metals, the concept of quotation intervenes. there gold quote It is nothing but the constant value (it is no coincidence that we are talking about “installation”) by London Bullion Market Association At two specific moments of the day, taking into account all the possible fluctuations and variables at the moment in the international stock market.

The installation of the Precious Metals Exchange in London refers to the only stock exchange 24 karat gold price quote: So we are talking about pure gold unlike18 karat gold Usually in circulation. Market volatility – associated with fragile international balances, as well as more or less predictable movements in supply and demand – are reflected in the value assigned to gold (and silver) by the London Stock Exchange, the reference for all transactions affecting the yellow metal among the fixers.

Orolive method for correctly evaluating gold

Orolive understands that – for a clear and transparent transaction – the reference to the price of gold, moment by moment, set in London cannot be ignored. For this reason, it directly displays the value of the quotation attributed to the precious metal to the customer who wishes to sell his gold, in such a way that the negotiation is conducted on a solid and realistic basis: to this, however, classic commissions are added, which are in any case among the lowest rates in Italy.

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Create a way that shows clearly Real time gold quote So it is a clear sign of transparency; To this, other no less important details have been added, specially designed to provide security for the seller and durability of the transaction. Among these, one use stands out Visible digital scalemore accurate than more classic weighing scales, with the screen facing directly toward the customer (who is always invited to weigh the metal and things they want to sell in advance).

The third stage of the process concerns the careful examination of the gold nugget. Again, more traditional tools (such as acids) give way to avant-garde methods, tailored to a whole range of applications (acid is not suitable for karat less than 12 karat, for example). The basic idea is to develop an analysis system that cannot be subject to random interpretations (even in the case of minimal differences, such as those between 14 karat gold and 12 karat gold) and which can therefore be transparent and safe at the same time.

The method proposed by Orolive, in this case, leaves the acid test behind, and instead focuses on the use of technological devices such as Thermo Scientific Niton dxl, a tabletop analyzer is more accurate than other chemical tests and is designed specifically for gold, silver and platinum, as well as to detect any impurities (which can affect the price of things in one way or another). It is a tool that is able to quickly and without errors identify any paint or toxic elements present in the analyzed object, thus ensuring an easy-to-read process for both the buyer and the seller (who therefore has certainty of the quality of the product they have provided, and therefore its value).

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Transaction related documents

buy goldFinally, a deed must be duly registered, taking into account not only the data of the purchase of the gold in question, but also that of the seller (who must sign the deed of purchase to complete it for each transaction). Therefore, a professional gold buyer not only uses a spectrometer for the correct valuation of gold, but also documents everything by correlating the price of gold at the time of purchase, which will happen (if it exceeds 499 euros) traceable instruments and when a regular receipt is issued.

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