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On the square of the Teatro San Pietro in Vincoli in Turin, the show “La Vidova Scalza”

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“Stories from Other Worlds” is a review de review Change As part of a three-year project Before and after science | Imagine the future Dedicated to recovery and overcoming the difficulties and needs resulting from the pandemic. Next appointment is for Wednesday 9 November | 21.00.

San Pietro in the Vincoli Theater District
The barefoot widow | Theandric – Teatrononviolento (California)

Taken from “La vedova scalza” by Salvatore Nevo
With Carla Orro, Fabrizio Kongia, Marco Secchi, Andrea Fargio
Marlina Petoro Masks – Music by Minheer
Marielina Petoro Fashion, Salvatore Arezzo
Directed by Maria Virginia Sirio

Handpicked by the most prestigious festival in the scene! New York 2020 (April – May 2020)

Based on the 2006 Campello Prize-winning novel of the same name by Salvatore Nevoy, the show accompanies spectators along a healing path that leads from blind violence to rejection. Revenge, injustice, and honor being washed with blood are stressful concepts that come into question.

We are in Barbagia in the 1930s, populated by small villages where life is regulated by fascist podestas and the unwritten laws of traditional society. Violence is everywhere: in excessive fascist power, in police repression, in the system of customs and habits that stone members of society into a series of specific roles and directed actions. And the woman is part of her as on the verge of extinction: she devoted herself to rural life, and is dedicated only to prayer and procreation. The protagonist, Mentonia, immediately emerges as a suitable character to break this perpetual vicious cycle: unlike the women of her country, she learns, reads Grazia Dilida and Tolstoy, a rebel to the idea of ​​suffering abuse without saying a word. She chooses for herself her husband, Michido, despite the opposition of the entire town who looks down on him because of his rebellious personality.

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Michido, like Mentona, does not like to submit to authority, and soon ends up in the sights of Dean Sentini. The sequence of events forces Michido into hiding. In the end, he will be horribly killed and dismembered. Mentona is left alone with a child to raise, and burns with a desire to avenge the murder of the principal, Sentini. He managed to break into the sergeant’s house and, after seducing him, stabbed him to death. Soon after, he fled to Argentina.

If violence triumphs, it will all end like this. Instead, Mentonia, albeit guilty, became the engine of change: After realizing that she was two years pregnant, she decided to keep the baby. She raises her two sons, one of whom took revenge on her husband, and the other killed the sender, as brothers. Revenge no longer makes sense, the weight of remorse is very costly: forgiveness is the only way out of the vortex of blood. Montonia stains his hands with blood, but redeems himself, sacrificing his life after taking it away. She is the giver of death and transforms into life using empathy and intelligence.

Thursday 10 November | 8:00 pm Agnelli Theater – Via Paolo Sarpi – Turin

The barefoot widow | Theandric – Teatrononviolento (California)
(true copy)

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