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Renon beats Vipitino, Cortina tames Cavaliers, Gerdina – OA Sport also wins

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Celebration day and six 2022-2023 Alpine League hockey matches scheduled. Six Italian teams participated on the ice, with two rinks to bolster the situation. Rheonoon flexes Sterzing, while Cortina stretches the Unterland Cavaliers. In the other matches, Gerdina is clearly ahead of Klagenfurt, while leaders Jesenice go to Vaasa. So let’s find out in detail what happened on the evening of the AHL.

Evening games in the AHL

Ritner Boam Sky Alps 5-3 Whiptal Broncos Winstephan: The hosts immediately took the lead with Cardwell after 10:55, but Vipitino responded and took the lead with goals from McBride (15:22) and Messe (27:49), before Renon came back. Costner scored (30:42) 2-2, then Cardwell again (34:21) 3-2, ahead of Brast 4-2 in 40:55. Sterzing reopens games with Mizzi’s 3-4 at 49:54. But with 16 seconds left, Renon scored it 5-3 as Spinell sent the end credits into the game.

Cortina Hafro – Hockey Otterland Cavaliers 5-3: Everything is easy for the hosts, who ended the first half leading 3-0 thanks to goals from Adami (10:49), Alvira (12:25) and Coglita (18:55). In the second half comes poker with Zardini Lacedelli at 26:22. The Unterland Cavaliers gave the first mark at 47:06 with Graf for 1-4 and the face of the game changed. The guests, in fact, put it 2-4 with Wieser in 55:35, then 3-4 with Kaufmann in 56:07. The Cavaliers went for a break, but Cortina ended the conversation with Adami 5-3 at 58:56.

SHC Fassa Falcons-HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 1-3: The match started 30 minutes late due to traffic problems. The leaders took the lead with the Polcs after 6:07, but the Falcons responded at 32:23 with Iori. The Slovenes lead again at 43:34 with Olamec scoring it 2-1. In the final the hosts try, but Jesenice concludes with a 1-3 goal.

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Future team HC Gherdeina 6-2: The South Tyroleans lead with McGowan after 18:58, but Austria tie with Lippitsch at 23:08 and they also lead with Klassek. Gerdina is back again at 38:17 with McGowan 2-2, then again with Luizetti 3-2 at 41:14 and stretching with Amorosa 4-2 at 49:07 and with Solomon Pelser 5-2 at 56:33. The South Tyroleans don’t stop but go 6-2 with Pitschieler at 57:53.

Red Bull Hockey Juniors – Steinbach Steelwings Linz 4-6

EC Die Adler Stadtwerke Kitzbühel-EHC Lustenau 6-0

Alps hockey league rankings

Credit: Max Bates

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