November 30, 2023

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Federico Malfaldi’s The Sinful Angel at the Teatro Spazio 18/b

Federico Malfaldi’s The Sinful Angel at the Teatro Spazio 18/b

It will debut on Thursday 27 April 2023 at 20.30 at the Teatro Spazio 18 / B – Via Rosa Raimondi Garibaldi, 18 / B, in the Garbatella District / Via Cristoforo Colombo – “The Wrong Angel”, an alcoholic monologue without prejudice by Marco Fiorentini and Federico Malvaldi.

Angels exist and drink Gin Tonic. Not all, some. Especially the protagonist of this show. It is a fact that not all angels are created to live in the clouds. Some of them—at some point, no one knows when or why—felt the need to merge with stench, pain, despair, and human pleasure. A form of gentle rebellion against a deity who is becoming more and more distant, and since his death leaving everything in the hands of the bureaucracy, things have only gotten worse. Thus, there are those who have given up walking in the clouds and preferred to stumble on the ground. Not out of duty, but only out of necessity, from the heart and belly.

The text of the show comes from the hands and feet Frederick MalvaldiThe young playwright fired with a thin, ironic pen. on the stage Marco Fiorentiniwho may have really talked to and fallen madly in love with some of these angels (and it shows on stage!) and Bernardo SomaniQuick-fingered and sweet-voiced, he walks the musical encyclopedia, the attentive and precious stage companion.

wrong angel by Federico Malvaldi – direction: Marco Fiorentini, Federico Malfaldi; Interpreters: M. Fiorentini, Bernardo Sommani (guitar and voice); production: Gascone Teatro – will remain on stage at Teatro Spazio 18 / B until Sunday, April 30, 2023 (hours: Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th April at 8.30pm; Sunday 30, 18.00).

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