June 2, 2023

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Genoa, Gilardino praises his team again: “In Frosinone it was right to give space to those who had little so far: I congratulate everyone”

Alberto GilardinoGriffone boss, spoke at the press conference at the end Frosinone Genoafinished 3-2.

We played for 70 minutes with 10 men, there’s another thank you to say to these guys, for the way they played the game. Even in the second half we kept balance and compactness, there was a positive attitude even with a man down. I don’t even want to talk about episodes, otherwise we might be late at night“.

About choices:It was true because the two thousand of them trained all year round, and they were inside the group. Maybe they haven’t played much so it was right to give them space. Well done, from Ikuban to Aramo. It was right to acknowledge what they had made together and they ran a very good race“.

In antique style on the Rossoblu bench:It was a great emotion, that’s a sentiment that’s spilling over this week because we hit an incredible milestone. We worked for several months and an identity was established, and the guys were really good at taking the messages that the staff and I sent. There was also a great unity with the fans and that was crucial to achieving the goal“.

Compared to Grosso:Obviously, we all want to train. Lippi gave us the desire to win, the desire to train, to do the job, to always be in that world, in contact with the players, to be able to work with them. I’m happy for Grosso, for his journey and for the goal he’s reached. And I am very happy with what has been done in Genoa“.

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