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“They upset ordinary Italians!”

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More violence, quarrels, and child gangs are under criticism due to unruly behavior in the suburbs of major cities, which undermines the serenity of citizens. There is a lively debate on this topic Front and backan in-depth political talk on Rete 4 and hosted by him Paolo del Dibio. The studio has a co-director of free, Pietro Sinaldiwho strongly criticizes the behavior of these children and the violence that also arises from the music inspired by them, turns to one of the hunters present to defend the other side, offering him advice: “You who have an audience and manage to talk to them tell them to do this favor. Tell him those guys broke into things“Enough, we can't take it anymore.”

The boy tries to clear himself of the accusations: “I always say it and I say it in front of her. Life is beautiful, why should I go and argue and waste time instead of doing something else? Why don't I go play football or go to the disco to laugh and joke, or get drunk until I get home? I'm going to study, there are many things to do. I always do that.”

But Sinaldi returns to the charge: “Are you here to defend them or not? If you don't care about the problem, that's fine, you're here to defend them and that's what we're talking about, and then if you want to go to a nightclub or a restaurant, go wherever you want. Here we are talking about people who have your ancestryYou who have disturbed ordinary Italians, since you are talking to us, tell them this for their own good and ours as well.” The video was uploaded to them. These are criminals and should be expelled.

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