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Genoa, Crisito Canada says no: he’s in Roseblue

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Captain Roseblow decided to stay and postpone the conclusion of the two-year contract granted by Toronto until the summer.

Photo of Nord, Mimmo Criscoto’s hand with his wife Pamela on the front. And “I Love You” is definitely dedicated to the wife who gave him her third child, Alice, and to Alfredo and Alessandro, who are already wearing rosople at the Griffon Youth Academies. An “I love you” about Mimmo and Pamela but Genoa. Because in the end Criscito decided to stay with Rossople. Do not go out in the current season giving the impression of a captain abandoning the ship at the most difficult moment. After the millionaire left the opportunity to return from Inter, where he had been Spaleti’s coach four years ago, it’s not the right time to leave. Crisito thought for a while, inspired by the Toronto hypothesis, because he revolutionized Genoa with the advent of the New American Right. He felt marginalized as he had already done with Pandey: the Macedonian decided to accept Burma’s offer and leave. It seems that at one point Crisito accepted Toronto for two years and decided to leave Genoa and Genoa in mid-March. It has not been ruled out that the offer may reappear in June to say goodbye in advance of the expiration of the 2023 Genoa Player contract, which should include three more managers. We’ll talk about it again in the summer. Present-day says the captain will not move forward unless he changes direction further: Criscitto, who spoke with President Jangrilo before the match, then ended the match yesterday with his family following up the match from Skybox. . By the time he leaves due to injury, he will have kept it for a few more weeks. But then he will return to lend a hand in this championship final, which will mark Griffon’s farewell to Serie A 15 years later. Criscito is chasing the fifteenth derby of his career and is in 269 appearances with the Genoa shirt: Portolosi is with 290, could not approach him, but certainly approached yes. –

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