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Is it the new Bandona? No, it’s a Toyota Senta

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They still love small cars – The Japanese car market is very different from the European market, where SUVs now dominate. In the land of the rising sun mini fan Small and compact still quite Widespread. The new Toyota Cinta falls precisely in this category of realistic cars of pure Japanese style.

tall 430 cm – the new Toyota Senta (in the pictures) is a compact minivan that offers a spacious cabin with three rows of seats and the possibility of a hybrid powertrain. The third generation Sienta shares the same backbone as the Yaris and Yaris Cross, i.e. the TNGA-B platform, although it Length 430 cm It is slightly higher, with a width of 169 cm and a height of 167.

looks like a panda – ll the design subordinate Toyota Senta Significantly different from the previous generation, it adopts a cleaner appearance with a square and rounded shape. The front is accentuated by cool LED headlights and a single air intake in the bumper with aluminum accents on longer versions. In profile, the plastic trim on the front and rear wheel arches, along with the bumper bar, are a nice touch, which helps mask the fact that the 15-inch alloy wheels are too small for the car’s size.

But looking at it well, the new Toyota Senta presents itself More than a similarity to “our” Fiat Panda, even if the solutions adopted in the Japanese agreement are completely different, such as the sliding tailgate. However, the bodywork design, which features a low waistline and large glass surface that favors visibility, is the same as that of the Panda. Even the vertical direction of the taillights, which are illuminated here, is reminiscent of those of an Italian city car.

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cockpit – cockpit from Toyota SentaDespite its simplicity, it is certainly modern thanks to the presence of a large screen of 10.2 inches for the multimedia system, as well as a digital instrument panel (optional). The realistic nature of the car can be seen from the flat floor and several on-board storage compartments, including pockets on the seat backs for storing smartphones.

Motors – As for the engines, the Toyota Senta It is available in the thermal version with a dynamic 1.5-liter petrol engine or, alternatively, in the hybrid variant with the 1.5 assisted by one or two electric motors (depending on the two versions or all-wheel drive) powered by a small lithium-ion battery. Power is transmitted to the front wheels or all four wheels (in the case of the E-Four all-wheel drive version) via a CVT gearbox with a 10-speed Sport Sequential Shiftmatic system that simulates a gear shift.

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