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Film “Primadonna” Franca Viola’s lawyer announces legal action – Albauno

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Primadonna by Marta Safina

“Unfortunately – says lawyer Fabio Macaluso – the promise of Capri Entertainment has not been fulfilled since the name of Ms. Franca Viola is arrogantly mentioned in the initiatives promoting the film which is then set in times and places where serious events are at the expense of Ms. Viola and the film, finally His only aim is to narrate those events. Mrs. Franca Viola will take legal action against the producers and distributors of the movie “Primadonna” to restore peace of mind and assert any other right against the aforementioned subjects. He warned against touching on the events of the sixties. “The film that the lawyer Macaluso is talking about is “Primadonna”, released yesterday in all Italian cinemas, is based on the story of Franca Viola who, in Alcamo, in biased Sicily in 1966, was the first to reject the “Venetian wedding” that was canceled in 1981. She became a symbol of the civil war and liberation in Italy .

This story, which actually happened, but was brought to the screen, is the first work, as a feature film, of Marta Safina, who previously made the theme for the 2017 award-winning short film Viola, Franca. In the film, Franca Viola’s name is never mentioned. Lawyer Fabio Macaluso wrote again in the ANSA note: ‚ÄúPrimadonna, directed by Marta Safina, produced by Capri Entertainment, Medset and Tenderstories, distributed from March 8 by Vision Distribution and Europictures as inspired by events This is what actually happened to Ms. Viola in the years 1965 to 1969. Already on June 16, 2021, Franca Viola received news that the film was being made, warned Capri Entertainment, and asked that her name and surname not be used.On August 31, 2021, lawyers wrote Film Producer: “Capri Entertainment srl, to avoid any question, I decided to make all the necessary changes to the film project to avoid any contact with Ms. Franca Viola” and the heroes will work in a city different from the one in which the events took place “. “Unfortunately – Macaluso emphasizes again in the memorandum – the promise of Capri Entertainment has not been fulfilled since the name of Ms. Franca Viola was cavalierly mentioned in initiatives promoting the film”. Hence the lawsuit announcement.

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