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Here’s the red and white summer camp Football week and matches – Sports

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A picture inside a Korean stadium for the boys who participated in the last summer camp

A picture inside a Korean stadium for the boys who participated in the last summer camp

Summer is upon us and, as always, Summer Camp arrives in Red and White, the camp organized by Perugia Calcio to allow boys and girls to experience the world of Perugia in healthy and pure fun. An initiative that has achieved great success over the years and has been repeated, like many other initiatives established by Club Bian di Maciano, especially the Academy Cup that took place in recent weeks.

Now is the time for vacancies, to think about free time, to communicate with the ball, the history of Perugia and also to combine games and entertainment.

Summer camp starts on Monday 20th June, runs for a week and ends on Friday 24th.

The camp is an opportunity for many boys and girls to live a unique experience: combining the passion for football with the desire to have fun, play and dream with new friends and colleagues. During the week there is also a visit to the museum to learn about the history of Grifo. The AC Perugia Summer Camp is designed to give all participants the opportunity to train like a real young professional footballer inside the Renato Corrie stadium that sees the red and white players as champions.

Not only that, in the summer camp there is also a specific program for the role of the goalkeeper: the exercises are developed within the football game methodology with reference to the goalkeeper pyramid to make the information simple and effective without forgetting the joys and fun of the role. from number one.

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Registrations for participation are already open, and those wishing to participate must submit with the registration form a certificate of athletic fitness (competitive type 12 years old) and report any allergies or illnesses in progress. It will also be necessary to provide some documents, a mandatory registration form, a copy of the identity document, a copy of the health card, a sports medical certificate and a passport photo.

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