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Michael J. Fox Receives the Oscar, Standing Ovation and Applause: ‘So You Make Me Shiver’

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With the Governors Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, honorary Academy Awards were presented to some figures in the American film industry. Among these, Michael J. Fox.

“He has an incredible talent: when people come up to him to tell him how great he is, he turns the tables and makes those people feel good. And that’s something I’ve seen him do countless times over countless years.”
like him Woody Harrelson Foot Michael J Fox To the public, last night November 19, 2022 at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Century City in Los Angeles during the event Governors Awards. The celebration was organized to honor Honorary Academy Awards From this year he went to the director Peter Weirfor the composer Diana Warren and screenwriter Balsi weights.

61 years old Michael J Fox i received theOscars name of the thing Jane Hersholt Humanitarian Awardwhich is an award presented byAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences For an individual in the American film industry whose humanitarian work has made the prestige of the industry. Jane Hersholt (1886-1956) was an actor known for his philanthropic work.
This year the statuette went to the unforgettable protagonist Back to the future With the following reasoning to Board of Governors affiliateacademy: “We are honored to honor four individuals who have made an indelible contribution to cinema and the wider world. The support of Michael J. has millions of individuals.”.

The Oscars for Michael J Fox: standing ovations, applause, excitement and laughter

Not surprisingly, he was asked Woody Harrelson To give an introduction to the presentation of the award. The actor called out when he saw it Fox On TV for the first time in the series family ties (Keaton House) thinking about how electric this Canadian actor was and what it was like to watch him perform as the lead actor in the comedy.
Harrelson He repeated on several occasions in the past his duty Michael J Fox his career, because he was the one who called him to jump from the TV actor in the series cheers (Cheers in Italian) to portray the actor in the film Doc HollywoodBetween the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s there was a big difference between these two categories of performers.
It’s right on the set of this movie Fox He noticed a jerk in the tilt of his left hand that triggered his drama He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 29.

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“He didn’t ask to play a Parkinson’s patient, nor to become an advocate for the search for a cure, but rest assured this is his greatest performance to date.” He said HarrelsonIn one of the final segments of his ten-minute show, he invites his friend to join him on stage. with an unstable balance, Fox He went on stage, hugged Harrelson The entire hall stood up to applaud him. “Guys, this is how you make me shiver.” said the actor, emphasizing his self-deprecating nature that allowed him to accept the disease and, in spite of everything, continue to be an example for everyone to follow. ‘We did a lot of damage in the ’80s’ continue Fox He winks at his colleague and elicits another laugh.

Michael J Fox thanks, among other things, Robert ZemeckisAnd the Bob Gill And the Steven Spielbergand book and trilogy producer Back to the futureAnd the Bruce Springsteen To write the song “No Surrender”.
His right hand resting on the platform next to the statuette had always been prey to uncontrollable trembling due to illness, but also in this case the actor found a way to ease the situation by asking for “stop” and saying “not yet” when the arm moved towardsOscars.

Talking about the time in the late 1970s when he was about to drop out of high school to move from Canada to Los Angeles and try his luck in Hollywood, he said that “Fox, you can’t be nice forever,” his history teacher tells him. He replied “Maybe I’ll be long enough, Professor… In the end we were right.”. The actor decided later, at the age of 40, to complete his studies and get a diploma.
His eyes were shining when he remembered a product Keaton HouseAnd the Gary David Goldberg“A friend and teacher, a bear for a man, and I don’t mean a teddy bear, but a grizzly.” He taught me professionalism and humanity by introducing me to the concept: To whom much is given, much will be demanded“.

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His wife was present at the ceremony Tracy Pollan and Sam’s four children, My Name Is Annabelle, Aquina and Schuyler, all of which Fox cited in his speech as his best in life. “Tracy immediately made it clear to me that she would be by my side throughout my illness,” she said. Foxpausing to fight back tears, as his wife is equally framed by the camera.
In the 1990s, “I went seven years without saying anything to anyone, before revealing the disease to Barbara Walters and People magazine. That was the dawn of the Internet and to put the news back on you had to do it… Those were simpler times”.
“Talking to the doctors and the researchers, they all confirmed that the science was ahead but there wasn’t enough money. The answers can come with the right investments,” the actor continued, “and meeting the other patients made me understand that if we could all together support the research, even if we We shudder, something good is coming. Hence the idea for the foundation, the Michael J. Fox Foundation which I didn’t want to name… I wanted to call it PD Cure, but Tracy said to me: How? Pedicure?”.

over the course of twenty years Michael J Fox Foundation Contribute to the search for a cure for Parkinson’s disease Over a billion dollars in funding, dedicated to researchers who have been able to study this disease and improve the lives of those affected by it. “There is nothing heroic about it, other than the collaboration of so many people coming together for a cause. It has been a gift to me to be able to divert my energies as a professional actor in the search for better treatments and new resources for the Parkinson’s community.”

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behind Back to the futureAnd the Fox He was a brilliant translator for many comedies of the 80’s and 90’s such as Willingness to win the secret of my success together for strengthAnd the Love interestsAnd the Dear Uncle Joe and fact, Doc HollywoodWhich has a charm unlike any other in today’s films, also because we clearly live in another era. Even in dramatic films, the actor has shown that he has a knack for embracing roles daylightAnd the New York thousand lightsout of the raw war victims To excel then in the different moods she crosses into suspended in timeA great mix of comedy, drama, sci-fi and horror directed by Peter Jackson. for him “Incurable optimism”As he always described himself, it led him to recount his professional and human experiences in four books published in 2002, 2009, 2010, and 2020, all of which entered the New York Times bestseller list.

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