September 25, 2023

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Futsal, Playoff Scudetto: Felde Eboli is the champion of Italy! Olympus Square conquered Rome

Futsal, Playoff Scudetto: Felde Eboli is the champion of Italy!  Olympus Square conquered Rome

The five-a-side football championship is going to Campania for the first time. In fact, Felde Eboli is the Italian champion for the 2022-2023 season At the end of the tricolor final where they won 2-0 overall against Olympus Roma.

Race report -2

The tension is palpable at Palasport in Cisterna di Latina. Chances abound in the first half On both sides, but the ball does not want to go in. So we go to the rest with white goals: 0-0.

The break passes, the teams dissolve and an incredible freshness comes out of them. Samperi’s “Volpi” comes into play in the first ten minutes: Guilhermao finds a way to open the match 0-1, Venancio follows shortly after for a guest brace.

The hosts suffer the blow, but try to provoke a reaction with the goalkeeper’s weapon. It crosses a quarter of the sixteenth hour I will shorten the distance. It’s 1-2. The match is reopened and Olympus tries in every possible way: Saccone, once again, hits the post, then Humberto opens the shot very wide, sending it wide.

Filde Eboli fight back and then raise their arms in victory: the Campania team are the champions of Italy!

Olympus Rome: Duce, Tresse, Di Eugenio, Marcelino, Dimas, Cutrignelli, Cutrupi, Humberto, Isgrò, Schinina, Sacon, Cerulli. everything
Felde Eboli: Dal Cin, Venancio, Restaino, Guilhermao, CalderolliCaponigro, Braga, Fantecele, Baroni, Vavà, Selucio, Pasculli. everyone
Scorers: 7’27” Guilhermao St. (F), 9’20” Venancio (F), 16’23” Sacon (O)
Top: Tres (O), Marcelino (O), Sacon (O), Caponigro (F)
the reviewer: Chiara Perona (Biella), Fabio Rocco De Pasquale (Marsala), Marco Moro (Latina) Tentative: Mario Serta (Marsala)

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Photo: Futsal Division