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Risk of sensitive data being stolen. It’s a Russian virus –

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There is a pirate attack that went a little quietly. However, that should worry us because GSE, the Director of Energy Services, is quickly becoming a government company critical to our energy stability. He’s using 4 billion of public money handed over to him by the Treasury to shareholders to buy methane from the market, primarily from Eni and Sanam, at crazy prices for these months to fill stock and secure the system for the coming winter. A sort of balancer of last resort in coordination with the hump which operates the transmission network under concession, a nine-location stack. On the night between August 28 and 29, the company was subjected to a massive breach as the same company, in a note sent to its customers and suppliers, defined a “new generation of ransomware” of Russian origin. The perpetrators of the attack, as GSE says: 1) hit the network; 2) the customer; 3) the application infrastructure; 4) file server; 5) Email systems.

A violation that you have not yet been able to recover from Absolutely, to the point of acknowledging that “all necessary analysis and verification activities are still being carried out by specially qualified suppliers at the international level to restore full operation of the information services as soon as possible”. For this reason, GSE, led by Sole Administrator Andrea Ripa di Meana, believes that it cannot “exclude the possibility that for any reason a serious attack may have included personal and private data in the ownership of GSE”. It called on “all interested parties that personal passwords used to access GSE systems could be among the potential stolen data. In this regard, we inform you that once the systems are reactivated, GSE will provide, with specific contact, to make a mandatory password change to access its services.” Furthermore, until a different contact is made to restart the email, which will be given to the public, we invite you to pay maximum attention to emails that these days appear to be from GSE and which could instead constitute phishing attempts.”

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Specifically on the days when the GSE is waiting for an executive decree From the Ministry of Environmental Transformation that will enable him to buy and sell medium-term energy, so that he can sell it at controlled prices to energy-intensive companies, the idea is to transfer the proceeds of what is obtained from energy energy exchange with high-intensive industry, with gas up to 500 MW megawatts / hour. The ministry estimates production costs from renewable source plants in order to then return that energy at production cost only by requiring, in accordance with the April law, three-year contracts also in the form of physical delivery.

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