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TIMVISION Calcio e Sport: promotion in March 2023 at reduced monthly prices – MondoMobileWeb.it | News | telephony

TIMVISION Calcio e Sport: promotion in March 2023 at reduced monthly prices – MondoMobileWeb.it |  News |  telephony

Tim He will also continue to propose in a month March 2023 current promotions Discounted prices on monthly offers TIMVISION from the range Football and sportsWhich include DAZN and Infinity+but also Promotion Try TIMVISION Entertainment.

currentlyas mentioned earlier, the aforementioned TIMVISION offerings are Expires tomorrow, February 25, 2023.

but, TIM will be extended further to March 25, 2023and, subject to any changes, its current promotions assigned to the Offers TIMVISION Football, Sports and GoldenIn addition to the promotional offer Try TIMVISION Entertainment.

Try TIMVISION Entertainment will continue

Starting with the clip TIMVISION presentations are for entertainment onlyie those that do not include DAZN and Infinity+, the promotion Try TIMVISION Entertainmentthen ok extended again.

with Try TIMVISION Entertainment (Netflix and Disney+) There is an activation fee of 9.99 € one timewith a trial period Valid for two months. If a customer already has a TIMVISION decoder, they will not receive another one (as long as the offer is active, they will not pay for renting a TIMVISION Box).

The offer is valid To all new and existing TIM customers on both fixed and mobile networksespecially those who You do not have active TIMVISION offers and have not already subscribed to an offer from the TIMVISION beta range in the past. them too Except for those with TIM WiFi Power TV and Young profile.

at the end of two months, Try TIMVISION Entertainment It will automatically renew at a cost 19.99 euros per month indefinitely.

but, If a customer withdraws from the test within the deadline, they will not have to incur any additional costsAnd also TIMVISION Box will be returned at no cost (Withdrawal by postage paid by TIM).

Costs and details of current Calcio e Sport and Gold offers

Instead, switch to TIMVISION DEALS WITH DAZNthis will be too Extended again with current promotionswhich ends tomorrow, February 25, 2023, which they expect Discounted rates of €5 per month valid until September 2023.

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As mentioned, these promotions will still be available for subscription Until March 25, 2023subject to any changes.

Here is one summary from the current TIMVISION Calcio e Sport and Gold wallet For new customers:

  • TIMVISION Football and Sports (DAZN Standard and Infinity+) discounted at cost €24.99 per month until September 23, 2023then to 29.99 euros per month for an indefinite period;
  • TIMVISION gold (DAZN Standard, Infinity +, Netflix and Disney +) which can be activated at a discount 40.99 € per month until September 23, 2023then to 45.99 euros per month for an indefinite period.

A will always be expected One-time activation feeIt equals 19.99 euros. However, as already mentioned, Currently, the activation cost is free for online activation of Football, Sports and Gold packages.

For existing customers who have already included the TIMVISION Box in their offer, the one-time activation cost is €9.99 instead.

The basic promotion TIMVISION Calcio e Sport will continue to be the only offer that can also be purchased by OLO customers (TIMVISION Football & Sports Oct), with the Online procedure dedicated to Customers of other operators who do not want a SIM card Is that They have no intention of becoming TIM customers Land line or mobile. In this case, the service must be activated TIM auto rechargeThe payment method (credit card) will be associated with TIMVISION monthly renewals.

We also remind you that as of December 18, 2022 To all existing TIM customers, both landline and mobile, with active TIMVISION paid offersespecially from Just entertainmentThe offer is available TIMVISION Gold CVMwhich always includes contents TIMVISION, DAZN Standard, Infinity+, Netflix and Disney+but in this case Al Additional discounted price of €29.99 per month until September 23, 2023then it will turn into 45.99 euros per month for an indefinite period.

It will also be offered to customers already It has been extended through March 25, 2023subject to any changes.

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More information about TIMVISION and the sports contents included in the Calcio e Sport range

In all current offers of the TIM streaming platform always Also including the TIMVISION Fund on FREE LOANNo additional cost.

Moreover, me TIM landline customers with TIMVISION They can too Rent an additional decoder with the offer TIMVISION Bonus BoxThe ability to choose between the standard model (5 euros per month) or even the new one Timvision atmosphere box (7 euros per month), and the latter has built-in audio from Bang & Olufsen with Dolby Atmos.

with current offers TIMVISION From the football and sports group Profile is included in the price DAZN standardwhich allows you as of January 2, 2023 Register up to 6 devices in time with Simultaneous viewing of content on two devices only if they are both connected to the same home Internet network. Instead, the single device can be used anywhere.

but, TIMVISION Calcio e Sport customers who want to use DAZN on multiple devices at the same time when contacting 2 different internets, as of January 2, 2023 possible on a maximum of 4 devices on 2 different internets (maximum 2 devices per internet)And with the possibility Register up to 7 devices simultaneouslythey can activate DAZN Plus option.

As already said in the preview by MondoMobileWeb, getting started From February 10, 2023 monthly cost From the DAZN Plus option For Timvision customers it is increased to 15 euros per monthto adapt to New prices introduced by DAZN on its plans as of January 2, 2023with which the difference between the monthly cost of DAZN Standard and Plus has, in fact, increased from the previous 10 € to the current 15 € per month (both in the version without restrictions and in the version with 12-month restrictions).

The cost of the DAZN Plus option adds to the monthly fee for your TIMVISION Calcio e Sport or Gold Band offer. the new clients TIMVISION Activate a promotion with DAZN and the Plus option at the same time. If the customer deactivates the TIMVISION Calcio e Sport offer, the DAZN Plus option will also be automatically deactivated.

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From 6 June 2022 Infinity+ is included indefinitely With TIMVISION offers football and sports. Infinity + It includes almost all matches in Champions League Until 2023/2024, but Calcio e Sport customers can complete their offer and watch the The rest of the games are exclusive to Prime Video via the Amazon Prime add-on.

For everyone New and existing TIM fixed network clientsespecially those who have not yet activated TIMVISION, by subscribing to any TIMVISION offer, you will be able to receive the promotion using 6 months free of Amazon Primewhich also includes Head of the videos.

Alternatively, for all TIM fixed network clients, Amazon Prime option From January 29, 2023 he has a The cost is 4.99 euros per month for both new and existing customerswhich has been notified of a redesign in recent months.

With respect to the sports content included in TIMVISION’s offerings, From November 27, 2022 embedding factor Discovery + Sport Free for 6 monthsAllow new customers to view the entire Discovery + Sports catalog. At the end of the free period, the promotional offer It will be turned off automatically. However, it will be possible Reactivate the service at a reduced rate of €3 per month (instead of €7.99 per month).

Finally, we must remember that all entertainment is already present in all TIMVISION shows Discover +, incl No additional costs.

MondoMobileWeb Preview. We thank A. and S. for the reports. Without formalization by the operator, the news is considered exclusively frivolous without any informational and commercial value.

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