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Futsal, 360 GG defeated Monastir by Came Dosson

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The first two external dates close 2022 of 360 days Monastir It’s a defeat. over there Dawson came He imposes himself against 6-3 in the match of the thirteenth day of the Italian futsal league for new energyIt is not enough for the Sardinian team to score three times.

first half

One action is enough to unlock the score, after 39 inches with the right foot Thiago Grippy It instantly brings Came Dosson forward. 360 GG Monastir tries to respond, in the fourth minute Danny Chino turned well to find goalkeeper Ditano deflecting a corner kick with his right foot. In the fifth minute, a nice shot by Morja, again with an answer from the home team’s goalkeeper. Who is not mistaken Joseph Sutton, who exchanges in the seventh minute after the line and doubles from a tight angle. Dosson had two chances soon after, but they were unrealized in the eighth minute with a right-footed shot Juan Fran. Immediately after that, 360 GG Monastir rocked, with Danny Chino chipping away from the opposition and shooting from the right in the middle to avoid the captain winning Jesus Morga, returning from comment. Podda’s team tries to take the lead back, but in the 16th minute, Thiago Grippi scores twice from a corner kick and a minute later Juan Fran also scores again. There are three multiple goals in just one half: in the 18th minute, it was a good move, and Morga agreed to feature, and in the second half, the score was up 5-2.

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the other half

Also played well by Danny Chino in the fourth minute, on his low shot Ditano refused and Itzy only got there a bit. A right-footed shot from Suton in the fifth minute puts Came Dosson up to six, third out of three for the formation led by Silvio Rocha. Pilcito hits the crossbar in the ninth minute, in the next action, Matana hits a save from the goalkeeper and a shot from Lorenzo Itzi after the rebound. For the class of 2002, he is the fourth-most goal in the Division I. And in the final 360 GG Monastir tries to reopen the match with the goalkeeper of Quintaeros, the Argentine himself in the 16th minute with a difficult shot finds Ditano ready.


“The first thing I would like to say is congratulations to Dawson and the coach.”he claims Diego BuddaCoach 360 GG Monastir. I think they are the best team we’ve met this year: congratulations to them, we weren’t up to par especially in the first half of the first half. We tried to stay in the game and paid dearly for any inattention: we can’t afford it against these teams, hopefully we can learn something. We definitely have to do more, lack of experience can’t be an excuse. It must be a lesson that we must learn quickly.”.

During the holidays, 360 GG Monastir, which remains 13 points in the standings after so many matches, will close on Thursday the 29th at 15.30 with another away match, againstOlympus Rome.

Doson 360 GG Monastir came 6-3 – the scoreboard

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Dosson came up: Ditano, Sutton, Vieira, Azzoni, GribPelcito, Galliani, Juan Fran, De Guida, Perazetta, Potoso, Ricordi. everybody

360 days in Monastir: Thiem, Morga, Moroni, Mora, QuintaerosArzu, Itzi, Matana, Dani Chino, Muñoz, Cianchi, Cara. everybody

Scorers: 0’39” pt Grippi (C), 6’21” Suton (C), 7’46” Juan Fran (C), 9’06” Murga (360), 15’02” Grippi (C), 16’14 Juan Fran (C), 17’06” Morga (360), 4’18” Suton Street (C), 8’48” Etzi (360)

Top: Quintaeros (360), Juan Fran (centre), Jesus Morga (360), Itzy (360)

the reviewer: Alex Iannuzzi (Roma 1), Saverio Carrone (Barry), Timmer: Elena Lonardi (Padova)

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