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Registration is open for the master’s degree in “Science and Communication of Cosmetic Products”

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Registration is officially open until December 19 for the new second-level master’s degree in “Science and Communication of Cosmetic Products and Dermatology” activated by the University “Gabriele d’Annunzio” through the Department of Pharmacy, directed by Professor Amelia Cataldi.

The master’s program aims to train graduates in technical, organizational and scientific disciplines related to cosmetology. Directed by Professor Piera Di Martino, with more than ten years of experience in the direction of Masters in Cosmetology acquired in important Italian universities, “offers – reads the university’s note – a concrete opportunity to access the various professions in the cosmetic sector, from pharmacist expert in cosmetics to complex within Cosmetics companies, to the production manager, to the expert in the organizational and marketing field, and it also provides the possibility for those already working in this sector to discover new business prospects or to increase skills and professionalism.

“In addition to exploring issues such as formulation and knowledge of the raw materials that make up cosmetics, the original approach of this master – continues the note – is to take care of the communication of the cosmetic product in its different aspects and in the various channels. The significant growth of cosmetics and dermatological cosmetics registered in Italy, Especially in the pharmacy and beauty sector, as well as in professional marketing and sales channels (health resorts, beauty centers, tourist facilities including health resorts and hair care centers), professionally prepared personalities are required who are able to formulate and improve a cosmetic product, even in the communication phase.

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“Cosmetics fascinates more and more – explains Pira Di Martino, Director of the New Masters – because it offers the possibility of working within a creative and dynamic sector that technically welcomes increasingly sophisticated and ambitious challenges. Italy is the leading producer and exporter of cosmetics worldwide and the sector is constantly growing and expanding, And despite the succession of economic crises and epidemics, Italian cosmetic companies enjoy excellent health and job opportunities for our young graduates, moreover, the pharmacy of services that speaks more and more to a healthy person and accompanies him in maintaining his health, a place for precious advice in taking care of the health of our skin.It is important The assertion – concludes Prof. Di Martino – that thanks to this complementary training, master’s graduates are able to find a job that matches their ttacts and to their own training, they manage to satisfy even that need for creativity and teamwork typical of some professional figures.

“Our master – adds Amelia Cataldi, Director of the Department of Pharmacy – lasts for one year. The first lessons will start in January 2023. Thanks to the experience gained during the pandemic, it will be possible to follow the lessons online or in person, while the sessions and laboratory exercises will take place in the department’s facilities, in addition to D’Annunzio’s teachers, qualified professionals working in the beauty, consulting and marketing sectors will be involved.

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