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Crazy weather! Between the arctic flow and a heat wave across half the continent. And in Italy?

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The arctic flow and hot wave come to half the continent

The weather is getting crazy on the Old Continent. Europe will soon be affected by two diametrically opposed situations; The first is one Arctic flow In huge proportions and the other aHeat wave Quite relevant for this period.

But what happens?

Now, O mighty one Azores Anticyclone Islands In the next few hours, it will be positioned between Iceland and… green landFishing like this Very cold air The Arctic, which will invade Scandinavia ferociously first (up to -38°C in the plains expected in Sweden) and then Denmark, France, Germany, Poland and the Baltic republics.
Very cold air The atmosphere will freeze The upcoming disturbance will cause snow to fall on the plains (especially on Monday the 15th) in central-northern France, Germany, Poland, Denmark, and all eastern states.

The frigid air will be blocked by an alpine barrier.
At the same time, it will begin to establish its presence in the Iberian Peninsula African anticyclone Which will lead to fairly light currents arriving across the entire Mediterranean basin. That's why in Portugal, Spain and central-southern Italy Temperatures They will suffer a A significant increase With spring values ​​normally, if not even in some sectors First summer.

To better understand the extent of these two different advections, the map below indicates the temperature anomaly at around 1500 meters (850hpa). Up to +10°C above average in the Mediterranean Basin (especially Portugal and Spain), and up to 12-15°C below average in the rest of the continent.

Temperature anomaly at 850hpa (about 1500 metres)
And in Italy?

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Even in Italy, temperatures will rise, albeit significantly, during the day especially in the center and south with values ​​reaching 18-21°C (if not more in the interior of Sicily). In the north there will still be pockets of cold air, which will maintain a cooler climate than the rest of Italy.

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