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Another maxi call arrives

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In the United States, new problems for Volkswagen have forced the recall of thousands of Golf models. But there is a possibility of a yellow color.

Finding it really hard to recover there VolkswagenThen Dieselgate scandal It, like all auto manufacturers, is struggling with a crisis due to the devastating effects of the epidemic and the huge rise in prices for raw materials. The German brand, committed to a profound renewal, starting with its image, is already in the midst of the electric revolution, with many models on the 100% green market that aim to be the brand’s driving force in the future. List you may not soon see some of its most famous and successful cars. starting from golf Which, according to rumors, may not contain the ninth series and finally says goodbye.

Volkswagen logo (ANSA)

And the belief that the golf has been on the market since 1974, and replaced with the second only in 1983. The car that made Volkswagen history in Europe and which, due to new European directives, is destined to disappear, as well as heat engines. But in the meantime, the German house continues to sell by the thousands.

It must be said, however, that golf has lately kept some nasty surprises. Indeed, in the United States, thousands of models that are part of the brand but also belong to the Volkswagen family have undergone an impressive recall campaign. For some major flaws. But, as we know, one problem leads to another. And in fact, there is still a new one looming.

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Volkswagen, a really strange call

There who ended up in the camera lens golf ar and the Golf GTi. These two models were previously the subject of an intervention on the hood that could be unscrewed and fused, and then for a highly sensitive switch. But now they are called again to another problem, which in fact could already be solved before.

According to the specialized press, Already in January 2021, Volkswagen received complaints from countries outside the United States regarding coolant disassembly, causing the coolant tube to come into contact with the belt pulley. Not a minor damage, since this issue has caused many accidents. In-depth analyzes were conducted up to September 2021, to the point where the car manufacturer’s announcement that “the main cause has been identified” arrived. But the problem is that instead of intervening, it was decided to monitor the situation again until August of this year. But now they had to step in and call in different models of the Golf R and Golf GTI to solve the potential failure once and for all.

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In particular, let the house know, The decision came after 27 complaints ÔÇťabout possible damage to refrigerant piping that could be attributed to this problem in the US market“. According to Volkswagen, the coolant may not have been installed correctly on the intercooler during production. It also states that an improved process for installing the coolant in the intercooler was introduced into production precisely in 2022. To date, 8038 cars have been recalled ” Only”, of which 1,406 units are Golf R and 6,632 units are Golf GTI. However, these are the models produced between 2021 and 2022. In particular, the R was produced from March 9, 2021 to July 14, 2022 and the GTI from February 10 2021 to July 20, 2022. But one wonders: Given that new production technology went into effect between July 4 and July 10, how come only a few recalled cars were produced until July 20? What is the new mystery of the German brand?

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