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Football, Inter, exciting message for Eriksen: “The League will remain strong and insoluble forever”

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“We still feel it, that excitement mixed with expectation. When you wait for something beautiful, you already know it’s going to be so beautiful, you want to wait a little longer, to enjoy it more.”

January 28, 2020: The curtain is raised at La Scala. There, where the “firsts” are always special. Where class meets elegance. Christian Eriksen and Inter Milan could not be otherwise. The maestro with his magic in the center of the midfield.

The noise of the ball on the crossbar mingled with oh amazement and admiration, in the first derby, a free kick from afar: at that moment all Inter fans felt at peace, knowing that Christian wore the colors of the Nerazzurri, it was enough. The rest, football, flows naturally, like music written by a composer.


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Flashes of sophistication and battles, surprising goals – like the one straight from a corner kick in Napoli – and also disappointments, in the very long summer of 2020, after a good run all together, before bitterness. A point from which to start all over again.

Always finding the answers in class, in quality, in magic: the free kick at a crossroads in the Coppa Italia derby, a defining moment in recent Nerazzurri history. A beautiful goal as important as it is important, not only for the passage of the round, but also to restore vitality to a story, the story of Christian and Inter, which has gradually been strengthened, game by game.

Central, in that beautiful race to the Scudetto. From that moment on, Christian and Inter took each other by the hand and together, match after match, continued to build a tricolor masterpiece. A team effort assists, in which Eriksen contributes geometry, intuition, and plays that facilitate maneuverability. And heavy goals: in Naples again. And at Crotone, what would actually be the Scudetto’s goal, he then celebrated it at San Siro with another pearl of a free kick.

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It remained, and will remain a beautiful, bleak but beautiful memory, the last photo of Christian Eriksen in a stadium with an Inter shirt. Because life then holds unimaginable moments, it makes you take paths you never expected. In silence and hope, the thoughts of all Inter fans and sports fans have always been for Christian. Seeing him back in Appiano Gentile cuddling with his fellow Italian champions was a whiff of joy that we keep close to the drawer of beautiful and precious things, not to miss.

And even if the Inter and Christian tracks separate today, we know our bond will always be strong and inseparable. The best moments, goals and victories, embracing the crowd outside San Siro with the celebration of the Scudetto: everything will always remain constant in the history of the Nerazzurri.

Good luck, Chris! “

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