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Christmas Village in Monaco celebrates the beauty of Canada. Open until January 2, 2022 – TravelEat

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After her inauguration in the presence of Prince Albert II of HSH, Princess Hanover, Crown Prince Jack and Princess Gabriella, and several other high-ranking officials of the Chancellor, The Christmas Village will be open until January 2 at the Albert Iyer in Kauai, Monaco, where visitors will discover Canada and its beauty.

In a village dominated by the light of 800 natural fir trees, visitors can encounter the iconic “Bonhome” symbol of “Atlantic Canada” and the Quebec Winter Festival.

The magical journey will continue with Niagara Falls in Ontario and its modern city, just before the vast and wild places of the western province of Manitoba. Alberta and its large plains and rocky mountains, Saskatchewan, which will open the doors of its province in terms of agriculture and forestry; Finally, British Columbia, carved entirely by totem poles and the legendary Canadian train connecting the east and west coasts are also part of the decor.

As in previous years, there are duck fishing and a “spruce ride” and two new locations – a “caribou ride” and a toboggan slide in the cave.

Market de Noel has 17 rooms selling various items and 20 dining rooms each with an adjoining catering area. The skating rink, located in the heart of Christmas Village, will be accessible until Sunday 27 February 2022.

So access to the event is subject to:
– Issuance of compulsory health card for persons above 16 years of age;
– Mandatory wearing of masks by persons over 5 years of age;
– Do not eat or drink while walking Visitors should have a table for all consumption (food and beverages).

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The 6 access points for the Christmas village will be fitted with carpets to count the number of visitors, so the standard shape should be respected. Upon reaching the template, access will be suspended.

The number of accesses to the village is visible in real time on the Munich City Hall website

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