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What is he doing today, height, stage, private life

What is he doing today, height, stage, private life

From devoting to the public with Paprika to delivering Buona Domenica and returning to the stage: all the actress’s projects

Actress Deborah Caprioglio

Source: Ipa . Agency

  • Full name: Deborah Caprioglio
  • date of Birth: 05/03/1968
  • place of birth: Mister
  • Zodiac sign: ox
  • Height: 1.65 m
  • profession: Actress and presenter
  • Appearance date: 1988
  • social: Instagram

Personal Biography

Deborah Caprioglio made her debut at only seventeen, winning the competition face to cinema. Here, the director noticed it Klaus Kinski Which begins to be launched in the world of cinema as an addition. While in 1989 he had a starring role in Great hunters next to Kinski himself. In the same year he had an important role in the movie Lamberto Bava devil maskbut it’s with Zero copper tinting which is very popular and makes itself known to the public. Directed by director Milano, Caprioglio appears in Red pepper 1991 erotic film – loosely based on the novel fanny hill by John Cleland. At the same time, he replaced Mariangela D’Abraccio in Brass .’s stage show lulu. Also in 1991 he made his debut with It helps to make love wellTivuItalia is broadcast late in the evening. But not only that, it’s also landing Channel 5 Where supports Luca Barbareschi in managing sea ​​taste.

After another break in sensational productions, the actress completely changed the genre and in 1994 starred in her first dramatic role in with closed eyes by Francesca Archibugi. Later, becoming more and more convinced to abandon the image of a busty and sensual girl, she decided to abandon the cinema in order to devote herself to theater and television series.

From 2003 to 2006 participated in Get a nice one Where she was initially a guest and then co-host Maurizio Costanzo. In 2007, he participated in his first reality show, i.e. Celebrity IslandAt the time it was broadcast on Rai 2, it ranked second. So he resumes acting in fantasy films and television, such as crimes (2007) Anthology series directed by Manetti Brothers. In 2012, he played a major role in a movie Lightning Directed by Neri Parenti. Then continues his return to the cinema: in 2014 he is in the cast Praetor (Directed by Julio Pace) H our land (Directed by Giulio Manfredonia).

2015 sees her debut on Rai Premium as the protagonist Margaret Island, a miniseries that was filmed 22 years ago but never released. The following year he appeared in David Cavuti’s documentary romantic adventure. After that, he decided to return to devote himself entirely to his theatrical activity.

Private life

Deborah Caprioglio had a relationship with director Klaus Kinski who launched her into the show business. The two have been linked for three years and the actress herself has admitted that she was a game girl due to the over forty-year age difference. while shooting Red pepper Tinto Brass said he had an affair with the actress; But it would not have turned into a true love story, because at that time the director was married to Carla Cipriani. After that he had an affair with the Swedish coach Sven-Goran EricssonHowever, the story ended without much explanation.

In 2008 she married the director Angelo MariscaBut the marriage ended after about ten years. to come to me from Katrina Palivo The actress said that the crisis came a long time ago and that all attempts to fix it failed. In the end: “There is no more passion, we become like brother and sister, we loved each other, but with a love different from what a husband and wife should feel.”

Since 2020, Caprioglio has found love again next to a Venetian accountant named Francesco. The two met in Belluno thanks to mutual friends, despite the distance due to the actress’s work commitments, the relationship solidified. Today the couple seems calm and happy that they have decided to live away from the spotlight.


  • 1988 – The Great Hunters (directed by Augusto Caminito)
  • 1989 – devil mask (Directed by Lamberto Lava)
  • 1991 – Red pepper (Directed by Tinto Brass)
  • 1991 – sea ​​taste (Broadcast on Canale 5)
  • 1991-1992 – It helps to make love well (Broadcast on TivuItalia)
  • 1994 – with closed eyes (Directed by Francesca Archibugi)
  • 2003-2006 – Get a nice one (Broadcast on Canale 5)
  • 2007 – Celebrity Island (broadcast on Rai 2)
  • 2007 – crimes (broadcast on Rai 2)
  • 2012 – Lightning (directed by Neri Parenti)
  • 2014 – Praetor (Directed by Julio Pace)
  • 2014 – our land (Directed by Giulio Manfredonia)
  • 2015 – Margaret Island (Broadcast on Rai Premium)
  • 2016 – romantic adventure (Directed by David Cavuti)

How tall is Deborah Caprioglio?

Deborah Caprioglio is 165 cm tall.

Is Deborah Caprioglio involved in politics?

Yes, Deborah Caprioglio got involved in politics. In 2010 she joined the Alleanza di Centro party (founded by Francesco Bionato) and then became its National Director of Culture and Leisure.

Does Deborah Caprioglio have children?

Deborah Caprioglio has no children.


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