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EU stock exchanges with energy and gas rise to 160 euros. Spread above 200 pips

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BTP/Bund spread trend

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The euro is recovering, gas at 160 euros per megawatt hour

In the currency market, the euro is trading at $1.0454 (1.0429 at the beginning and 1.0405 at the end of Friday, after hitting its lowest levels since January 2017), and 141.552 yen (141.171 and 140.69), when the dollar equals 135, 383 (135,355 and 135.23). ). salt oil price: The September Brent contract is trading at $113 a barrel and the August contract for West Texas Intermediate crude is near $110. The gas price In Amsterdam, the figure rose 8% to €160 per megawatt-hour, after a new supply alert was issued in Germany.

Producer Prices + 0.7% in the Eurozone in May

In May, according to Eurostat data, industrial producer prices in the Eurozone rose by 0.7% and in the European Union by 0.8% compared to April after +1.2% and +1.3%, respectively. Compared to the previous year, +36.3% and +36.4%. In Italy +0.3% compared to April and +42.7% compared to the previous year. Eurozone industrial producer prices increased in May compared to April 2022 by 1.7% for intermediate goods, 1.3% for non-durable consumer goods, 0.9% for consumer durables, and 0.6% for capital goods, while declining by 0.2%. in the energy sector. Prices in the overall industry, excluding energy, rose 1.3 percent. In the European Union, they rose by 1.7% for intermediate goods, 1.4% for non-durable consumer goods, 0.8% for consumer durables, 0.6% for capital goods and 0.1% for the energy sector. Prices in the overall industry, excluding energy, rose 1.4 percent.

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Nikkei closed at +0.8% led by energy and auto

The beginning of the week in the rise of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Nikkei closed at 26,153.81 points (+0.8%), led by energy and auto stocks. The progress of the broader Topix index was more evident, reaching +1.3 percent in the end.

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