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Hockey, mother and daughter together on the field: Savona wins first match in Serie A

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Savona. First win in the Serie A women’s indoor hockey tournament for Savona. green and white chief bavani, Coached by Andrea Rossi and Massimo Porchi, In the second concentration held in Pisa, They won a historic victory (1-0) over Pistoia And she suffered two defeats, the first (11-1) against Pisa, the candidate for the final victory, and the second against Rainbow Genova (3-0).

Team Savona presented themselves decimated by the pandemic and last minute defections, With three beginners in the class: very young Yassmin Poggi (Class of 2007), Laura Boscay (2006) and the daughter of art Erin Vaglini (2005).

However They performed well in all the meetings, Giving a tough time to more noble and numerically equipped opponents: This is the right ethos to tap into for the growth of the district’s women’s hockey movement.

The Savona team was completed by the expert and very talented Julia Merelli In the target, the product of the green and white nursery jasmine lakes, Who is no longer so young but almost a beginner Hind Hallami It is a valuable loan to Genova Hc Beautiful Lauren. They all deserve to be commended because they all gave their best.

Hind Hallami scored against Pistoia, while Yasmine Bouji scored against Pisa. A curiosity: Hind Hallami, 35, and Yasmine Bouji, 14They are not just two simple teammates who train with great commitment and determination during the week. In life They are mother and daughter, They live in Verania and both are passionate about hockey: Yasmin has been playing for five years while her mother, Hend, has been playing for two. For them, it was their first official match together.

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