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Men and Women Today May 16, 2022 Episode Previews: Space for the Classic Throne

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Here is a preview of the men and women episode that is broadcast today on Channel Five

Here we are with our usual date now with broadcast previews Men and women by Maria de Filippi Broadcast Monday through Friday as always on Channel 5 starting at 2.45pm, what will surely be broadcast today promises to be an episode full of emotions and twists but let’s see in detail what we’ll see.

After airing on Friday, May 13, 2022, the episode exclusively dedicated to Throne Over, today’s episode should begin exclusively with Classic Throne. Tronista young man Veronica He gets to know the three suitors Federico, Andrea and Matteo better, while getting to know the Roman tronista. Luca Salatino He focuses on his suitors, Lily and Soraya, between whom he will choose.

Luca Salatino

From developments on the web we know very well that Luca took the two girls outdoors but only one of them kissed. Lilli must be the lucky one that many viewers consider the most likely choice for the young Romanian tronista. After dealing with the classic throne, there will again be a space with the throne loved by the public. Click here to read the latest progress for men and women

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