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Symptoms of covid disease and negative smear. According to science, there are three possible causes

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Cough, sore throat, cold, possibly even a mild fever and a strong suspicion of infection Corona virus disease. But the smear is still negative. Then after a few days, as the symptoms subside, the smear becomes positive. It is an increasingly frequent case history, as reported todaycaught the attention of the scientific community who dealt with it in the web column “Doctor, is that true?” Edited by the Federation of Physicians Syndicate (Fnomceo). The most supported hypothesis would be related to a behavior immune system.

Covid symptoms exist, but they are a negative buffer: why?

Essentially, “symptoms are thought to precede a positive test result because today the immune system is activated much faster against the virus,” the column reads. At the beginning of the epidemic, I infection They have occurred among people who have not taken SARS-CoV-2 before and have not been vaccinated. The virus can then function undisturbed for several days before the immune system detects the infection. Today however, in front of the majority of the population already to feed Or exposure to the virus “the immune reaction is faster and can lead to cases in which symptoms appear but are not positive because the viral load is not yet sufficient compared to the sensitivity of the test.”

Another hypothesis relates to the different dynamics used by the latest Variables Circulation in the body: In fact, some studies have found less accumulation of viral particles in the cells of the nose, making False negatives. The third possibility is that this situation is a reflection of the increased use of Do it yourself tampons. Many people do not carefully collect biological material, which leads to a greater number of false negatives.

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The truth is that there is nothing to worry about, but it may be worth taking some precautions. He asserts that “a negative test for symptoms should not be a pass-out.” Emily Martin, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan. This is true in the presence of all kinds of viruses.

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