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Take 5% of the stock – Multiplayer.it

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digital back It is listed on AIM, a subsidiary market of the London Stock Exchange, with a significant valuation of close to $1 billion and appears to have already been launched. Sony Interactive Entertainment who invested Own 5% of the shares Available.

Shares of Devolver Digital have gone online in the past few hours, leading to the company’s overall valuation 950 million dollarsIn line with expectations made by Devolver and Fieldfisher, the law firm that oversaw the opening of this publisher on the property rights front.

As far as AIM is concerned, this is an important introduction, as Devolver Digital is currently the second largest company seen so far in this sub-market.

Actress Maharia Zuk during one of the crazy official conferences for Devolver Digital

According to reports from GamesIndustry, but without it being official yet, it appears that Sony has implemented investment 5% in the company at the moment.

“The IPO is the best option for us to ensure our continuity growth “More importantly, it will allow us to preserve our own culture,” said Douglas Morin, CEO of Devolver Digital.

The idea of ​​becoming a public company is, in effect, “giving.” Liquidity for our teamsEach of them is also a shareholder in the company. It also gives us access to market capital to continue investing in our growth strategy and talent deployment.”

Thus, the idea at the moment is to be able to acquire more capital through the public market, and thus remain independent But the ability to take advantage of the new injection of funds from investors. This doesn’t rule out any other agreements, as could happen with Sony, but for now it’s just growing as an independent publisher.

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At this point we are waiting to see if the question will somehow be used to enrich the typical craze for dedicated conferences for the company, as we saw during the Devolver Digital E3 2021 presentation, which we also talked about in the special. “Style, Madness, and Video Games at E3 Century”.

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