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Football Ciociaro does … 13 out of the crisis and dreams of a relaunch –

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The world of hobbyists starts from below to try to relive the glories of the past when the boycott companies excelled in Lazio and Italy. In their historical lows in the second division (one team) and at the excellence level (3), the local clubs made a leap in promotion, setting the record of participation and lighting a glimmer of hope. moment analysis

Amateur football in Ciociaria starts again from the bottom out of the post-virus crisis. Humbly, the right amount of enthusiasm, many young people even if the difficulties do not exist.

being in Series D (1 casino club) And with distinction (3; Sora, Anagni and Ferentino), Ciociari aficionados are making a splash in promotion with 13 teams. A group of clubs trying to return to the top and revive the glories of a movement that has always been very important in the province of Frosinone with thousands of members and hundreds of clubs.

It won’t be easy to go back to the golden years when The county squad excelled in excellence and in the second division, as well as conquering the professional lights. But … 13 in promotion is the first step.

In football, the Covid crisis and more

Amateur football in Ciociaria in acute crisis (Photo Engin Akyurt / Pixbay)

The pandemic has brought all Italian sport to its knees. Basic and more amateurish. Football is clearly no exception.

exactly the contrary, According to some data from the federation, 30 percent of amateur clubs had to raise the white flag During and after an emergency. The interventions put in place by the government and football institutions were more than a warm plate.

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In Ciociaria, the economic crisis has made itself felt in a certain way Also because investments in the world of sports and football were already in sharp decline before the arrival of the infamous virus. And so we came to the present situation: few patrons, runaway businessmen, and the usual problems of structures that are always lacking.

Second Division League and excellence at historic lows

Nicandro Rossi, sponsor of Cassino, the only club in the Territory in the fourth division

In the top amateur league only Casino Focusing on youth resists bad weather well. project from the president Nikandro Rossi Which brings exhilarating results.

L ‘Atlético Fuji Instead, transport weapons and luggage to the capital to become city ​​of rome. Among other things, a questionable choice at a historical moment that would see the spa town at the center of significant investments specifically in the field of sports facilities. (Read here: Paradox-Fiuggi: Millions rain on structures but Atletico migrate to Rome.)

Same goes for Excellence where 4 out of 7 teams lost in one season: Arce, Morolo, Monte San Giovanni Campano and Paliano. I think in the past ciociare has always been champions: in 31 years of excellence, 12 championship victories by the county companies.

Hope of upgrade

Balliano coach Francesco Russo

Never before have as many as 13 Ciociaria formations appeared at the starting line for a promotion tournament. In addition to the four strains of distinction, there are Anitrella (caught), Ceccano, Guarcino, Real Cassino, Tecchiena, Roccasecca, Sterparo, Torrice and San Giovanni Incarico.

Another positive aspect is that the entire regional territory will be represented: from north to south each corner will have its own team. There will be a lot of interest due to the many derbies and so sponsors and investors can be encouraged to return to focus on football. The danger is that the 13 clubs can be divided into two groups. In fact, if all the teams are included in the same tournament, the chances of success for one of the 13 teams will be very high. (Also read late night amateur football in Ciociaria).

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Big names… off the bench

Sandro Grossi, the new coach of Rokasica

There is no shortage of ambitions, especially on the part of the clubs representing the largest municipalities. The reference is to Ceccano, whom he mocked in the season that just ended with second place and a lost cumbi.

Then there’s Arce, Paliano and Roccasecca who put Sandro Grossi on the bench, a superior technician who also trained among the pros at Cassino and Isolaliri.. Morolo and Monte San Giovanni Campano are certainly aiming for good, while Annitrella and San Giovanni Incarico might be a few surprises.

Also watch out for Sterparo, Guarcino, Tecchiena, and Torrice, all with credentials you don’t tarnish. In short, there are 13 “sisters” ready to make a push for the resumption of play and the relaunch of amateur football in Ciociaria.

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