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With compactness and discipline, Logano outperforms Langnau

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After yesterday’s home defeat, Logano was on stage in Langenau to try to maintain his lead over Tegrutti. Orphaning Granlund, the team sees Koskinen back between the posts; Wolf can return to defense while LaLeggia is deployed in attack. Moreover, Ruotsalainen is used in the middle of Zanetti and Morini. Ready, go and after 81” Logano leads. The Lugano players quickly get into the third, Arcobello receives the ball over the goal line and sends the ball to Cormier in an excellent position. In the next match, after Petrini’s save, the Bianconeri doubled their lead thanks to Gerber, who did everything alone and beat Bolchauser. Langnau is not there and Paterlini will immediately play a timeout card, even if Logano is still favored. The Tigers needed a few minutes to recover, but in the sixth minute they came very close to scoring, as Whipple’s shot rebounded off the post to Koskinen’s left. In a strong first display of the evening for the visitors, Pesonen sensed a passing line and was able to restart and after drinking Fazzini, he was suspended for a foul. The penalty kick is sacred, but the Finn himself is unable to repeat his feat, so much so that the puck remains on his stick after the first trick. In the 9th minute after the siren, the home team fell behind after a wonderful individual pass from Rikkola, who starts from defence, passes Guerra easily and then beats Koskinen.

The goal gives strength to the Tigers, who enter the central period proactively, having a few good chances but Koskinen does not have to worry. Logano’s response was ready: Fazzini’s shot hit the crossbar in the 23’18’ minute. The match is full of setbacks and Cormier responds to Malone early in the second half, both without affecting the result. Midway through the match, it’s Sarila who turns things around The outside of the black and white cage mesh, this time also nothing has changed. The game becomes more difficult and difficult Physical commitment increases. Lugano responds blow after blow to local attempts. Just over 5′ of a second The mermaid Arcopello brings the puck into the goal and there is a noise in front and then above Bolchauser, with the puck crossing the red line in the scrimmage. In the first review of the video, the network was validated, but a subsequent challenge called by Paterlini led to a new review that backfired. The goal was delayed for only a few seconds: at the 35’00 minute La Legia returned the goal after a first touch that went in vain.
The first shot of some significance in the third period goes to Rohrbach, but Koskinen is cautious. But the music is unchanged compared to what we saw previously, with Logano favored and carefully limited by local initiatives, such as shots of Julian Schmutz and Pesonen. The Bernese pressure increases and in the 49th minute an excellent combination between Flavio Schmutz and Petrini almost reopened the match. The game was reopened with Sarila’s goal on the powerplay. In an incredible back-and-forth exchange, in the next move, Logano stretches again thanks to a Laleggia brace. In addition to his brace, Gerber scored 2-5 with an excellent shot. In the final, the visitors conceded almost 2′ in a 5 vs 3 as Paterlini also removed the goalkeeper, a move that led to Julian Schmutz’s useless 3-5 scoreline. However, Logano won over Langenau and with this win today keeps his direct competitor in the standings at a distance.

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Langenau – Lugano (1-2 0-1 2-2) 3-5
Networks: Cormier (Arcobello) 0-1. 2’37” Gerber (Verbonne) 0-2. 19’51’ Ricola (Mayer) 1-2. 35’00 La Allegia (Joly, Thurkov) 1-3. 50’08” Sarella (Brian Zanetti, Malone/X. Thurkov) 2-3. 51’16’ Lalegia (Thorkov) 2-4. 52’27” Gerber 2-5. 59’34” Julian Schmutz (Besonen/A 6c3) 3-5.
Langnau: Boltzhauser. Mayer, Ricola. Sarijarvi, Ernie; Cadonau, Brian Zanetti; Zarid; Julian Schmutz, Malone, Sarella; Rohrbach, Meinälänen, Pesonen; Petrini, Flavio Schmutz, Lapinskis; Berger, Tanner, Whipple; Jenny.
Lugano: Koskinen. Anderson, Mirko Müller; Peltonen, Alatalo; wolf, war; Hosher. Fazzini, Arcobello, Cormier; Marco Zanetti, Ruotsalainen, Morini; Julie, Thurkov, Laligia; Gerber, Verbon, Junskis.
the reviewer: Wiegand, Hungerbuehler; Curley, Huggett.
NB: 6,000 spectators (sold out). Penalty 4 x 2 against Langenau; 3 x 2 + 1 penalty kick against Lugano. Shots: 31-31 (13-14, 8-12, 10-5). Langenau is without Lewis, Schwab (excess), Guggenheim, Salzgeber, Schilt, Rossi and Dehm (injured). Logano is without Carr, Marco Muller, Canonica, Granlund Walker (injured) and Fatone (extra number). Posts: 5’58” Weibel, 23’18” Fazzini (model). In deadline 2’37”
Called Langnau. In the 10’00 minute, a penalty kick went to Langnau, then missed by Bisonen. In the 34’22 minute the goal was disallowed at Thurkov Stadium after a challenge by the coach called by Langnau. From 58’20” to 59’34” Langnau without goalkeeper Juuso Rekkola and Calvin Thurkov at the end of the match was awarded the award for the best players on the pitch.

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