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“Gasperini understood that football today requires strength, which Napoli lacks.”

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During the program “Un Calcio alla Radio” on Radio Naples Centrale, the journalist spoke Umberto Chiariello He interjected in his editorial: “The placement of Italians in the cups says a certain fact and a series of hypotheses. When you turn it around there will be no less than 8 Italians in the European Cups. He has achieved victory in the European classification this year by giving us a 5th place qualification for the Champions League, next year.” We’ll start from scratch.

Four scenarios. The first is where the Europa League and conference are won, the second is where the Europa League is won and the conference is lost, the third is where the Europa League is lost and the conference is won, and finally the final scenario where both cups are lost. In all four scenarios, eight Italian teams are certain to go to Europe. In the most negative, and perhaps most likely, scenario, five teams go to the Champions League, two to the Europa League, and Napoli’s current eighth place would give them access to the conference. Eighth place means conference in every scenario. If Atalanta wins the Europa League and Fiorentina loses the conference, six teams will go to the Champions League, the seventh (Lazio) to the Europa League, and the eighth (Napoli) to the conference. However, if Atalanta loses in the final and Fiorentina wins the conference, everything will remain unchanged but the positions in the Europa League will increase: 6th and 7th plus Fiorentina. However, if the two Italians win the finals, we will have nine teams in the cups: 6 in the Champions League, two in the Europa League (7th and Fiorentina) and the 8th always goes to the conference. The bitterness rises and rises exponentially, because we have seen that in one world or another Napoli, in its current position, if they can defend it in ninth place, they will not go to any cup, they will enter the conference league.

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At this point the image comes to our eyes. With Marseille Gasperini having the courage to play with De Roon dropped in defence, Koopmeineers dropped to a midfield and three strikers up front. With this forward gravity he crushed his opponents without risking anything and did so with insane power. I don’t want to talk about three-man defense or the different units, I’m just interested in saying one thing. But if those fanatics wearing the Nerazzurri shirt get the blue shirt next year, whoever they are and how they play, how much fun will they make you enjoy? I think a lot! Because Gasperini, despite being 66 years old, realized that today’s football can be summed up in one word: strength, which the weak Napoli completely lacks. Here Gasp, Conte, Italiano or Pioli were coming and Napoli had such strength, I think we would all be happy whatever the final result.

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