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Football: Ravenna brave to attack Fanvola

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The Giallorossi’s injury emergency continues and Fanvola will face Fanvola on Sunday afternoon at the Ducinina stadium in a head-to-head playoff zone match with the numbered men. The Lombards got off to a very strong start in the league and, after a slight dip, have steadily returned to the top five teams in the standings. At the moment, the men coached by former Brescia and Sampdoria striker Bonazoli are only one point clear of the Giallorossi, the minimum distance that makes the challenge all the more important. Fanfulla is a solid team, usually lined up with a 3-5-2 formation, led by expert striker De Angelis and by ex-Giallorossi Siani who is also the top scorer for the Whites and the Lions with 7 goals. credit. After performing well with the Aglianese, Ravenna continued to count absentees, against the Tuscans in fact, even the experienced defender Rinaldi had to leave prematurely and Gadda had to deploy a very green defensive line, as Lisi was a native of the “older” Lisi 2001. First medical results , which will have to be confirmed by further testing, is far from rosy for Rinaldi, in fact, if confirmed, there is talk of a cruciate and lateral tear as the yellow-red season ends. No. 5. A piece of tiles, also for the charisma brought by the expert defender in the locker room, which increases the absence of Spinoza, Pepicella and Lusignoli, which forces coach Jada to have a very small selection margin in the starting line-up. There is some hope of seeing Bocardi on the field while Dorsey will not be in the match due to a flare-up in his groin. Tabanelli is back in a squad full of promising youngsters, but he still has to work to get back in shape. In the first leg at Stadio Benelli, which ended in a 1-1 draw, Guidoni responded with a penalty kick for Rosa’s initial guest advantage. Massimo Gada still did not want to look for excuses and in the press conference before the match he wanted to get pregnant with himself: “The third match in eight days, we will face it in emergency conditions, but let’s think about who is there and what they can give. Problems are supposed to be solved, not grumbling From her, so I’m sure we’ll have a good match. We’re up against Fanfula and it’s a team that’s doing a good job, a team of value, of the category and we also know that there are no clear results as the last round showed.”

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Coach Jada called up 21 Gilorossi for the first leg in Lodi against Fanfula

Goalkeepers: 1 Simone Pelli, 12 Giacomo Venturini, 22 Mattia Fontanelli

Defenders: 14 Luca Magnanini, 26 Luca Grazioli, 4 Cosimo Spizzano, 3 Francesco Luciani, 19 Filippo Bocardi, 15 Filippo Sibone

Midfielders: 25 Giacomo Calandrini, 11 Musa Abe, 24 Vincenzo Lisi, 8 Giorgio Capis, 18 Luca Vaccani, 6 Andrea Tabanelli, 13 Tommaso Ravaglia

Forwards: 17 Marco Guidoni, 9 Daniele Melandri, 7 Achello Ndrica, 10 Giacomo Marangon, 27 Matteo Vinci

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