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First Class Football – Cortaton scares the Al-Ittihad team. Corradini leads the recovery and gives 3 points to the queen

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Kertaton Cortatone scares off the Federation team, but Petrozzi’s team is stern: they turn back and get away from their pursuers, Nuvolera.
The match begins with the hosts chasing for salvation points, more proactive and more present in the opposite half of the field, while the Al-Ittihad team defends itself in order in its own half of the field. In the 10th minute, the first chance fell to the guests, as Cavalli was dangerous from the edge of the area. As the minutes passed, the Giallorossi raised their center of gravity and tried to crush Cortaton in their own half. In the 22nd minute, Rassini tried with a powerful kick from distance, which distracted the opposing goalkeeper a little. In the 30th minute, the game opened: Cortatoni counterattacked, Pacolini was served perfectly as he darted to the edge of the offside and, face to face with the goalkeeper, scored a sensational lead.
The Giallorossi’s reaction was immediate: in the 36th minute, Petrozzi’s men came close to equalizing with a superb Bozzacero header that hit the crossbar. Al-Ittihad unleashed and constantly played in the opponent’s half, while the hosts tried to harm the counter-attack. The second half begins with the visitors very aggressive and determined to snatch the equaliser. In the 61st minute, Coupleardi achieved a miracle of pure instinct with a header from Battaioli in the small area. The tie was held only 1-1: in the 66th minute, the Giallorossi deservedly equalized thanks to a brilliant free kick from 20 meters from substitute Corradini. But in the 77th minute, the goalkeeper of the leaders, Giavarra, outdid himself with a Varana header. Having escaped danger, a few minutes later, the guests managed to find the overtaking net again thanks to Corradini, good at scrum exploits in the penalty area and scoring the final 1-2. In the minutes remaining, the guests managed the property’s final tries, thus reclaiming three essential points for the promotion race.

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Results twenty-fifth day

Sporting Club 3-2 Bagnolles
Serenissima Gonzaga 0-0
Porto Novolera Montichiari 3-4
Virtus Manerbio – Sao Paulo 0-3
Lioncelli Pavonesi-Sigolizzi 1-1
Ferrolez Prabueno 2-1
Rapid United 2-2 Sermade
Kertaton Union Team 1-2

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