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Marta Musso, from Young Marine Biologist to Dona Di Mare 2022: ‘Science wins every gender discrimination’

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What does it mean to be elected Dona di Mare 2022?

it was amazing. Not so much for the prize itself but because you become part of a wonderful community dedicated to the sea through concrete actions: from the blue nursery in Venice to the toolkits for teachers to explain the sea. The goal is to create a network of people from different fields interested in the sea working together: from artist to video maker. It is so much appreciated to be a part of this blue family!

What role do women play in protecting the environment?

Jane Goodall and Sylvia Earle are two wonderful women who have truly changed the way we see things. Jane Goodall saw something special in monkeys and shared it with everyone. The same goes for Sylvia Earl who explored the sea and told the world about it. I also hope to do my part and inspire new generations. Science is for all and overcomes any gender discrimination. It is necessary to respect the environment around us through teamwork!

What is the secret of bridging the gap between man and the environment?

My mission is to unite man with the environment. We often tell ourselves that we must protect nature but a more accurate definition is that “we must protect ourselves” because we are all part of this cycle. There are animals, plants, rocks… We are an ecosystem! Which is why I like to talk about plankton: a microcosm that looks so far away from us but actually holds the baby fish we eat next. An invisible, distant and “out of this world” reality that is important to us.

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How important are festivals like SEIF that focus on protecting and promoting the sea?

SEIF is an essential festival because whenever we talk about the sea, we feel it is part of us. It is important to hear people from different backgrounds and experiences talk about it. It is not a science event but a larger festival where artist, scientist and politician tackle the same topic. This is truly a unique opportunity to celebrate the sea!

How did you turn a transport truck into a mobile laboratory?

I believe in creativity and imagination. We dream more, and develop something new, fun and a little crazy like buying a pickup truck in Germany to turn it into a mobile laboratory. I have a Bedouin spirit that makes me independent and separate from somewhere because it is connected to everything around me. It’s also a way to revolutionize scientific publishing and the idea of ​​science by decoding it from the lab-and-white-coat cliché to make it accessible to all.

What are your upcoming projects?

I hope to do scientific research and gather data to carry with me. My dream is to create a network of young researchers, video makers and photographers to build a community of blue minds once and for all.

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