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Here’s the starting lineup! – OA Sport

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16.45 This is the last test before the Europeans set off for Italy.

16.40 Official lineups:

Italia : Giuliani. Written by Guglielmo, Linari, Bartoli, Poitien; Cernoia, Giugliano, Caruso; Bergames, Girelli, Bonanci. ct. Bertolini. Available: Durante, Schröveniger, Gama, Filangerie, Linzini, Simonetti, Galli, Rosucci, Bonfantini, Piedmont, Giacenti, Sabatino

SpainPascual, Hernandez, Conca, Oliver, Rodriguez, Gutierrez, Garcia Villamil, Butillas, Wahhabi, Ciprien, Cordoba. ct. velda. Available Nunez, Lopez, Sanz, Bivid, de Miguel, Duenas Garcia, Segudo, Gomez, Medina, Rivero

16.35 Good evening and welcome to the women of Italy and Spain.

Good evening and welcome to the live text of Italy and Spain women’s friendly, the last test before the next European Championship.

The Blues, coached by Bertolini, conclude with this friendly match in Castel di Sangro against Spain, their preparation for the next European Championship to be held in England. The Blues will leave on July 4 to reach Blackburn, the city that will host their headquarters during the competition.

a necklace Italia :

Goalkeepers: Francesca Durante (Inter), Laura Giuliani (AC Milan), Katja Schröveniger (Fiorentina);

Defenders: Elisa Bartoli (Roma), Valentina Bergamci (AC Milan), Lisa Poatin (Juventus), Lucia Di Guglielmo (Roma), Maria Luisa Villingeri (Sassuolo), Sarah Gama (Juventus), Martina Linzini (Juventus), Elena Linari. (chroma);

Midfielders: Ariana Caruso (Juventus), Valentina Cernoia (Juventus), Aurora Galli (Everton), Manuela Giugliano (Roma), Martina Rusucci (Juventus), Flaminia Simonetti (Inter);

Forwards: Barbara Bonanci (Juventus), Agnes Bonfantini (Juventus), Valentina Giacenti (Fiorentina), Cristiana Guerelli (Juventus), Martina Piemonti (AC Milan), Daniela Sabatino (Fiorentina).

matchItaly and Spain, women’s friendly match
Date: 07/01/2022
hours: 17.00
Channel: Ray Sport HD

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OA Sport brings you live broadcasts from Italy and Spain for women, friendly : Real-time news and constant updates. Departure at 17:00. Good fun!

Photo: La Presse.

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