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The official announcement comes, when it comes out and where to see it

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Ten years after the stellar first movie, it looks like Avatar is finally ready to make a comeback with its sequel. In fact, Disney had recently revealed the release date of the second chapter dedicated to the universe created by James Cameron.

So let’s see what the plans are for this return to Pandora. Many fans, who have been waiting for the first movie for several years, were already afraid of a new delay due to the lack of sponsorship of the film, not to mention the complete absence of advertising materials.

Avatar is expected to return to cinemas in mid-December with a movie that will relaunch the entire story

Avatar 2 –

head 20th Century Studios Steve Aspel However, he made the official announcement, Avatar 2 will be available from December 16 this year. There are only nine months left, and we’ll be able to review the amazing world of Pandora as it evolves. Obviously, there are also many doubts about production.

Steve Aspel
Steve Aspel-

In fact, many Disney asked how it would be possible to revive interest in a movie that was released nearly eleven years ago. Steve Aspel himself answered this question, explaining how the marketing department would operate: “They will do a great job and rekindle the passion for the original movie. This isn’t just a sequel, it’s the start of an epic, family story. It will be compelling as a movie in and of itself, for a new audience, plus it will be special for those who watched the original chapter, for those who have come back to the theater to see how those characters evolved.”

The movie could receive more chapters in the future

What we will see, therefore, will not be just a simple development of the story but the beginning of something big that could create a real world around the avatar, as happened a little bit with star Wars. When Disney is involved, in fact, it is never forbidden to dream, especially if it is a question of re-release of a film that at that time broke all records at the box office.

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Therefore, it is difficult to understand exactly what to expect from this sequel and whether it will live up to the beautiful story of resistance told by the people of Pandora in the first feature film. It also remains to be understood how the audience will react to the official announcement of this sequel given that the long wait may have completely forgotten about the existence of a sequel. Certainly with the release of more trailers and from the first information in the plot we will have a clearer overall picture.

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