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Tim, Gubitossi leaves the scene. If you live with the hashtag, what will be the end of Kkr’s takeover bid?

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Luigi Gobitossi leaves Tim. This is the result after nearly 6 hours of board. An outcome that many take for granted. Yesterday The director – at the helm of the company since 2018 – has returned the powers to the board of directors.
President Salvatore Rossi will assume an interim role Awaiting the appointment of a new CEO. In the current CEO of Tim Brasil Pietro Labriola as General Manager.

So, Vivendi, the check: The French have long demanded a change at the top because of the results – considered unsatisfactory – that Jupitosi brought home. Downward revision of the 2021 guidance deerAnnouncing a new reorganization plan To prove the difficult situation in Tim’s house. And The “failure” of the DZN operation also exacerbated the situationAt least until today: there are no official numbers except the rumor on which it is based The level of subscriptions will be lower than expected. NS Expression of interest by Kkr in acquiring 100% of common and savings shares (fund targets at least 51%) To the Extraordinary Council table just a week ago then 11 directors requested to invite an exceptional board of directors, Today, he expressed his concern about the performance of the accounts in light of the preparation of the strategic plan 2022-2024, to be approved next February. Kakar’s presentation could have been seen by some as the extreme “movement” of Jupitosi who yesterday, in his letter to the council, specifically intervened in this case Judging the allegations as “false and misplaced”.

How will the takeover bid for Kkr. Fitch: “Potential Adverse Effects”

How will the Kkr process end? Will you remain standing? All you see. Further in today’s report Fitch analysts have judged the effects negatively: “Based on recent examples of similar transactions in the telecommunications sector, financing structures tend to have a significant debt component that increases leverage to levels consistent with ratings in Class B.” Should the transaction continue, we will reassess Tim’s rating with There are potential negative consequences.

Cvc Capital Partners can line up alongside Kkr. According to Bloomberg, the collaboration will “help share the financial burden of Europe’s largest buyout”. According to Bloomberg, “the two investment firms have held exploratory talks about the possibility of a joint bid.” Cvc is allegedly “studying a possible acquisition of Telecom Italia for several months”. Regarding Advent International, “which has been in talks to collaborate with CVC, the idea has been put aside due to the complexity of the transaction and the perceived support from the Italian government for Kkr’s offer.”

On November 29, the trade union presidium held in advantage

Union concern is growing, as is discontent. Slc Cgile, Fistel Cisl and Uilcom Uil announced in a joint note that they will be present at Mise on Monday 29 November starting at 9.30, and in front of provinces across Italy “To channel indignation at the government’s position on the issue of the only Tlc network and the case of a strong conflict that has once again erupted in Tim Group. It is clear that the push is being made for ‘best government’ options, which have abandoned the prospect of re-launching a model in which the state participated, the August 2020 memo model , in favor of a many-small network model where the state gives money to individuals, loses any kind of sovereignty over a strategic asset like the network and exacerbates the country’s technological backwardness. It’s all not in our favour! Whoever decides not to make a decision will bear the responsibility for the decline of the country’s infrastructure. and, above all, about the thousands of iterations in the sector that these options will inevitably produce.”

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