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December 2021 news

Netflix news never ends! In December, there are several titles that will enrich the catalog of the streaming platform, including movies and TV series. Let’s find out which ones.

also for a month Dec CATALOGUE Netflix Rich with new titles, including original and non-original movies and TV series. Among the most anticipated new releases, we find House of Cards 5 – Part Two, The second season of the magicianThe new film directed by Paolo Sorrentino, titled It was God’s handThe movie stars Benedict Cumberbatch. dog strength.

The movie came out in December on Netflix

force 2

Among the new films that A Dec that it Netflix We find It was God’s hand, a new masterpiece from Paolo Sorrentino, filter for OscarThe movie is titled dog powerwith the protagonist Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Here are the movies that are coming to the streaming platform next month:

  • December 1: Cleansing. The Power of the Dog Green Snake Killer Virus Uninterrupted Night Fear: The Path of Redemption
  • December 2: one per semper? The whole truth
  • December 3: cobalt blue
  • December 6: Joker. johnny english; Asakusa Kid
  • December 10: which is unforgivable. Practically real dos. Back to Outback – Back to Nature
  • December 12: blinded by light
  • December 15: It was the hand of God. Tokyo Godfathers
  • December 16: Christmas in California: City Lights ; naji’s birthday

The TV series premieres in December on Netflix

paper house 1

catalog Netflix Rich in new ones TV series also for Dec; On top of that, there are many new seasons that the audience can’t wait to see. Among these, we refer to the second part of the fifth season of paper house, the second season of the magician And the second season of Emily in Paris.

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Here are the new TV series and new seasons available starting next month:

  • December 1: 100 – S7; lost in space – S3; New Amsterdam – S2; JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – S5; Jihen Archer Kimono – S12
  • December 2: coyote
  • December 3: The Paper House 5 – Volume 2 ; Jurassic World: New Adventures – S3
  • December 6: see – S1
  • December 8: Titans – S3; Caroline Quebecos: Another Christmas Special
  • December 9: faulty – s3; shaman king
  • December 10: how to ruin christmas; These are the Roaring Twenties. I see you
  • December 11: Inspector Kou. Hungry and hair
  • December 14: Russell Howard: Lubricant; future notes
  • December 17: The Witcher – S2
  • December 22: Emily in Paris – Season Two
  • December 25: Stories of a generation with Pope Francis

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