Home World 14 dead and 46 wounded. Belarus deploys troops on the border with Lithuania

14 dead and 46 wounded. Belarus deploys troops on the border with Lithuania

14 dead and 46 wounded.  Belarus deploys troops on the border with Lithuania

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  • An attack in Odessa leaves 14 dead and 46 injured
  • “Voting suspended in Belgorod due to explosions”

An attack in Odessa leaves 14 dead and 46 injured

The death toll worsened as a result of the Russian missile attack that struck the city of Odessa in southern Ukraine. There are 14 dead and 46 injured according to the latest news confirmed by Governor Oleh Kiper and reported by the Kyiv Independent newspaper. The governor previously confirmed the death of a paramedic and a rescuer who arrived at the scene of the tragedy after the first impact of the missile. Kiper now confirms that among the injured are at least seven rescuers.

Peskov: France has been drawn into the conflict in Ukraine

France has been “drawn into the conflict in Ukraine” and is ready to increase its involvement. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, in response to statements by French President Emmanuel Macron regarding the possibility of sending troops.

“Voting suspended in Belgorod due to explosions”

According to Ukrainian media outlet RBC-Ukraine, voting in the Russian presidential election in Belgorod has been suspended due to several explosions. “The city is shaking from explosions, and eyewitnesses are complaining about the explosions and posting videos of fires on the Internet,” the Rbc-Ukraine channel wrote on Telegram, posting several videos in which smoke can be seen rising from several areas. Presidential elections will be held in the Russian Federation from today until Sunday.

Portugal: 100 million euros for ammunition in Kiev

Portugal joins the joint procurement program for ammunition to be sent to Ukraine, led by the Czech Republic. The Portuguese Cabinet has approved a support plan worth 100 million euros for the purchase of large-caliber artillery ammunition, in particular 155 mm projectiles, and the Portuguese Ministry of Defense said in a statement that their use on the battlefields “has reached extremely high levels, making it vital and urgent for Ukraine.” To obtain additional ammunition to respond to longer-term and more intense attacks from Russia. In this way, the Portuguese government “fulfills its commitment to support the defense of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” The decision approved by the Executive Branch adds to other assistance that the Ministry of Defense has sent to Ukraine since the start of the large-scale Russian invasion two years ago, which includes M113 armored vehicles, Leopard 2A6 battle tanks, drones, as well as medical aid. Supplies, generators and various types of equipment.

Macron: Putin will not stop

“Our nuclear power provides us with security.” This was stated by French President Emmanuel Macron, who said, addressing his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, that “it is not appropriate to threaten when we possess a nuclear weapon.” In an interview with France 2 and TF1, Macron announced that he had not spoken with Putin “for several months.” He then explained that “I spoke to him whenever necessary,” but that “Vladimir Putin is trapped in an oppressive and authoritarian drift in his country and has chosen, in recent years, to be a destabilizing force” in various theaters of operations. The Elysee President continued, as the Frenchman said, “First of all, we have to feel protected because we are a nuclear power. We are ready, we have a doctrine. When we talk about nuclear energy, a few words are enough: it is a security tool. “This gives us the responsibility to never find ourselves in a situation of escalation.”

Kiev: “27 Russian drones shot down”

Tonight, the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces shot down a total of 27 Russian drones intercepted over the Kyiv-Kirovohrad, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Khmelnytsky and Vinnytsia regions. This was announced by the Ukrainian army, citing local media.

Moscow: Three children were killed as a result of Kiev's bombing of Donetsk

Three children were killed tonight in a bombing by Kiev forces on the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, which was annexed by Russia, local authorities reported, citing TASS. The attack occurred in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, according to what the pro-Russian mayor, Alexei Kolymzin, announced on his Telegram channel. “An explosive device exploded – the official writes – in a private house on Olkhovskaya Street, causing a fire, after the barbaric bombing carried out by the Ukrainian Nazis last night. Three children were killed in the attack: a teenager born in 2007, a girl born in 2021, and a boy born in 2014.

The presidential elections begin today Russiawith Put it in Which appealed to a “national” vote and Moscow, which warned of the possibility of opposition demonstrations at the ballot boxes. Macron insists that he does not rule out sending troops to Ukraine. Today in Berlin, talks between French President Schulz, Tusk and Michel. Eighty years before the Cassino bombing: Mattarella at the memorial service this morning.

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