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Do you know this child? Today he is an Italian movie star: this is him

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The kid you see in the picture is now one of the most important artists in our scene. This is the star of this movie

An old woman black and white photos Posted on Facebook. Fans are literally shocked, as it’s hard to tell who the protagonist is in the shot. a very cute baby, who today is an impressive artist in our country. Did you know him?

In the photo in question, he appears with her as a child Mother. This post is published on the occasion of mother’s birthday It is accompanied by a comment on it “Tastes like home”. “Happy birthday to my mum. Here together in a picture taken the day before Thursdays. Sort of”.

The kid in question today is a really cool kid film director. It was also a file the actor with great talent and sympathy Just. a man always so much positiveWhich showed a lot of determination. Even in the period of quarantine, when it was very difficult to look at life with optimism.

The little star of Italian cinema today

Child star in Italian cinema

city Florence The birthplace of this well-known character was in 1965. Throughout his career, he has been able to stand out both the actor that of film director. bear some exciting movies The world of cinema on the big screen. Let’s talk about comic production, like beautiful wife And the Cyclone. Do you finally understand who we’re talking about?

The child in the picture is the greatest Leonardo Peraccione. He has an impressive career behind him, although he has made headlines because of his private life. For many years he was associated with Laura TorriciWho met the man in the workplace. Peracione In fact, he was looking for an actress who could better explain the protagonist in one of his films.

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When he saw a picture Laura Torrici hit by him beauty He picked it up right away. Then the working relationship turned into a Romantic relationship And immediately love struck. A story that did not seem to want to end, but then reached the point of no return. Speaking of the end of the relationship, Leonardo Peraccione During an interview, he disclosed the details.

“The story between us is long over, as many of you expected. The reason we never agreed on this issue is because the separation process takes time and isn’t an easy feat. Our love lives have divided, but the mutual respect and trust in our parenting life together remains unchanged, hopefully Sincerely to remain as happy as she is now. And that is the thing that matters most to us. Laura and Leonardo”.

farewell that of course make him unhappy Many fans of the duo.

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