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“Filming the movie was like putting together a LEGO set.”

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Ridley Scott knows all too well the difficulties that come with historical filmmaking, but he can’t resist revisiting the genre.

After directing famous epics such as Gladiator, Ridley Scott He knows the dangers of this type of music inside out, but that didn’t stop him from trying his hand at a new giant project with… Napoleon. The English director has arrived Comparing Al made the movie Assembling a LEGO set is very complicated“It was a huge undertaking,” he compared.


Napoleon: Napoleon Joaquin Phoenix launches an attack on the battlefield

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ridley Scott spoke about the meticulous attention to detail his team applied to the biopic starring Joaquin Phoenix as the famous French general-turned-emperor.

“I can read all the books in the world about it, but since the film is such a big event, I have to rely on my excellent team.”Scott said. “My team created beautiful military costumes that I had never seen before. The costumes are amazing, and I have a military expert for the battle scenes. Everything is coordinated. I planned the whole movie a little bit like a battle.”.

Great movie

Napoleon 3

Napoleon: a scene from the movie

Ridley Scott stressed the importance of cross-departmental collaboration, explaining that films of Napoleon’s scale only succeed if everyone communicates and informs themselves about the different challenges they face:

“When you make a film like this, all the department heads have to be around the table regularly. We meet once a week and go page by page. First page, I have a problem. What’s the problem? Then second page. It’s just, I have a problem.” . We deal with it this way, so that the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing.”.

Compare Scott direction Napoleon To assemble a very complex LEGO set with a large team of collaborators. But despite the difficulties that will inevitably arise, he said that for him the challenge is still part of the fun:

“This kind of movie is like climbing a mountain. At ground level, the peak seems so far away. But when you’re climbing the hill with your partners in this ridiculously challenging LEGO set of information that you’re trying to piece together, sometimes the pieces don’t get stuck and you actually At an altitude of 20 thousand feet. It’s an ongoing process day by day, but that’s why I do it. I like that.”

Napoleon It will arrive in Italian cinemas on November 23.

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