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“I lost touch, contact me.” Who is Acqua e Sapone actress?

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In a Facebook post, Carlo Verdone remembers Natasha Hovey, with whom he lost contact, 40 years after the release of “Soap and Water.” He posted a photo of the actress, who was very young at the time “In 1983, this month, he came out Soap and water, one of the comedy films that brings back a lot of good memories. Beautiful atmosphere, active presence of Sora Lella, red-haired Fabrizio Braconeri, beautiful Florinda Bolkan and many people from Trastevere and Testacci love the public speakers. I found the photo you see a few months ago in an old album and it is the face of the first heroine, Natasa Hovi,” writes the Romanian actor.


“I met her by pure chance at my agency on Via dei Banchi Vecchi – recalls the actor and director – she was with her Dutch mother to ask my agent for advice. Natasha was born in Beirut, to an American father, a musician who lives in Boston. I was immediately struck by the face of this girl, who was 16 years old at the time, and exuded sweetness and grace. He was elegant in everything and the brightness of his smile could not help but charm. After long auditions, I convinced her to accept her first role in cinema, even though she was shy and reserved. But we succeeded and together we built a perfect duo. This photo of him was taken on the coast of Ostia during a break in the “Compagni di Scuolà”. This makes me feel very nostalgic for the tyranny of time that passes faster than ever before. Now he lives between Miami and Paris, I think. She is married and has three children. Unfortunately we lost our contacts. But I wish her all the best and that she always maintains that sweetness in her face that represents the image of her personality and spirit. Maybe if you read this post it will show up. Who knows,” concludes Verdone.

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Natasha Hovey, who is she?

Natasha was born in Beirut, Lebanon, to an American musician and a Dutch graphologist, and grew up in Italy, where she began her career while still a teenager, making her debut with the film Soap and Water, directed by Verdone. After a few more films in which she played roles that portrayed her as a typical simple, cheerful girl (including Compagni di scuola in 1988, again directed by Verdone) and after also working in some programmes, television dramas and commercials, she moved to Paris, abandoning her career. Her acting career.

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