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Field hockey at Tiber Eur Hockey

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Dear readers here, this time I am not talking about art but about a subject, sport, where passion and love likewise guide those close to this world.

Football is known as the most popular and most followed sport, but there are many other sports whose existence we sometimes ignore and instead deserve more attention. So from today I will be here periodically to talk to you about sports that participate in various national and international championships but whose actions are hard to see or hear on radio and television.

Everything I am going to share with you will be full of imagination because, I know, I am a serious but not serious artist, I love sports but I think athletic competition comes first.

Now raise your hand if you know hockey.

Some maybe yes and some no, it is certainly not a sport that makes and receives commercials. It’s never shown on TV, nobody talks on the radio, maybe newspapers put out a short article now and then, but yeah, you probably know it’s played with a bat and a ball, which in short is a lot of sport. I think there is not even born centuries and centuries ago in antiquity; In the Middle Ages instead of spear and sword, to have fun and pass the time, people hit the ball and make it go far for glory and coat of arms and in the 19th century this sport started from England and spread all over the world.

Hockey is played at 11 and 7 on the bench, substitutions can be made at any time without any problems, there are two referees, and there are four times of playing each of 15 minutes and the interval between the other is 10 minutes.

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With the paddle, you throw the ball trying to cross the goal line and you cannot hit the opponent with it. You only play with bat and ball, you don’t shoot with your hands or feet, the game is beautiful when it’s right, without shoving, jabs and low blows. In the end, whoever scores more goals wins or the match ends in a draw if the teams fail to score more than the opponent. There is no offside rule, the pitches are made of colored artificial turf. that’s it Major laws.

Read More Now I give you one Sports Association And if you have the time to visit it, you will certainly be surprised and satisfied, in fact – I forgot to say it – the sport is amazing, very fast, and for the spectator, all this thrill certainly involves. We have to admit that, sometimes when we watch certain football matches, just for an easy comparison, we even get sleepy. So Calmly approach hockey and you will not be disappointed.

there Tiber Euro Hockey I was born in Rome in 1993 thanks to Ms Madelon Bellin that to let young men play, gave life, slowly, slowly to a team made of passion and fun without pressure and violence; A team that followed the ideal of Baron de Coubertin who said that the important thing is not to win but to participate (however, one can honestly say that when you win it is even better).

The team has grown since then and now trains and competes atUruma Hockey Stadium In via Bilbao 12, near the Eurosky skyscraper: the first team plays in Serie A Elite and then follows all the other youth teams, men and women, down to the youngest. The social colors are yellow and blue, and the unicorn is the mascot. In via Bilbao 12 your passion is great, you play for fun and to be together and then maybe one day the dream of playing for the national team will come true by participating in the Olympic Games, the main goal of every athlete.

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La Tevere Eur Hockey is a Romanian company that focuses first and foremost on making young athletes grow up with the principles of seriousness and sporting loyalty.

This has always been the case since the birth of this project; Certainly the most ambitious goals in terms of rating are those deemed most important and participation at high levels makes for a satisfying competitive spirit but also seeing so many happy children playing sport with satisfaction, respecting their opponents, growing strong in body and mind, all victories is the greatest.

Readers friends, today I told you about field hockey and the beautiful Romanian reality, Tiber Euro Hockey in Via Bilbao.

See you soon for a new sport and a new team. Don’t forget to quit smoking and keep your sparkle, there is a great sport for you too.

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