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28-year-old housewife sentenced to life in prison in Germany

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Christian, The Mother than in September last year He killed 5 of his six childrenHe was sentenced to life imprisonment. The verdict came after reconstructing what the judge himself called a “tragedy” which is “incredible and really hard to understand”. Also because no such mental disorders have been found to justify extenuating circumstances. It was September 3 last year when a 28-year-old woman killed her own children Solingen, in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, before attempting suicide by jumping on the rails in front of a train. to move the gesture Christian K. A housewife who was described as “perfection-seeking” in managing the home and children, the photo posted on a chat would have appeared of the ex-husband kissing his new girlfriend.

A “shot that deeply shocked the young woman”, who felt that “the project of her life failed forever”, was emphasized in the courtroom. Until then, Christian — who got pregnant the first time when she was still in school — had always managed to get him back, “making him jealous, in manipulative ways,” Judge explained. But in front of that photo she realized that she had “lost control of the man” and, pushed by “a mixture of anger, despair, depression and revenge”, planned the dramatic gesture. He initially surprised the children with drugs, and then drowned them in the bathtub, having prepared to bathe with toys.

The bodies of only one-year-old Melina, Leonie (2), Sophie (3), Timo (6) and Luca (8), were found in their beds with wet hair, as if they were asleep, by clients who cleaned up the place. home a few hours later. “We can only hope they were really so shocked by the drugs that they didn’t feel anything,” Judge Koetter continued. Immediately after the children were killed, Christian went to the station with her eldest son whom she put on a train to send to his grandmother. Only for her, his mother, he texted before the incomprehensible gesture: “I can’t stand it anymore.” As soon as the eldest son left, she threw herself under a caravan, but without being able to finish it.

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Later, Christian K. Misleading investigators about the incident by claiming that a stranger entered the house and killed the children, then forced her to write the letter that betrayed her. They stressed that the judges did not believe her: “Nonquish, everything is made up,” the story does not hold. In the Past by Christian K. There were shocks from school time, with panic attacks and delusions of persecution. But also for violence: the woman suffered abuse and rape as a child and it remains to be clarified whether she may have been a victim of her father convicted of child pornography. The lawyer announced that he wanted to appeal the ruling.

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