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Football, Serie A Yellow Bologna-Inter: Will Rousseaubel’s online roster cost 0-3?

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One of Serie A round 20 matches postponed due to issues with ASL decisions on Covid ‘unicum’ progresses: Bologna-Inter not played, but Rosoblù Registered a game coupon on an online platform, without deleting it afterwards. The project itself ended up in the hands of the referee and the opposing team on match day, becoming the referee by all accounts and purposes.

Oversight, this, could cost Bologna dearly: as I mentioned before Gazzetta dello sportAiroldi, the match referee, Ask Bologna about the document. Chief Executive Officer Claudio Vinucci, Head of Coordination Marco Di Vaio and Secretary Luca Bivani, present at the stadium (they did but the team did not) were to explain to the referee how the document uploaded to the internet should only be considered and, in fact, a draft.


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The suspension of the Bologna vs Inter match

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The defect in the figure will be evaluated by a sports judge: in theory, ‘Bringing’ a bill and then not being physically present at the stage actually leads directly to 0-3 at the table. Inter is surprised to receive an official document, despite the absence of the opposing team at the front; Bologna asserts that it is just a ‘draft’, which indicates that the team wanted to play but then couldn’t due to ASL’s suspension.

What will happen now?

On the issue of the ASL block, Bologna has 24 hours for a prior appeal, and another three days for an actual appeal before the sports judge’s ruling. Given this timing, it is hard to imagine that today we can actually get to the definition of a result on the table. It’s easier to think that it might take time, just as it happened to Salernitana – Udinese on December 22 last, a match that is still under the referee until today.


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