Home entertainment Virzì returns to the cinema with “another holiday in mid-August

Virzì returns to the cinema with “another holiday in mid-August

Virzì returns to the cinema with “another holiday in mid-August
In the cinema "Another feragosto": After 28 years "August holidays" Ferzi tells how we were and how we have changed - Image 2

the plot

Although friends like Ennio Fantasticini and Piero Natoli “Another Ferragosto” has been non-existent since March 7, and has been coming back to life since the August evening of 1996, in the house in Ventotini, where journalist Sandro Molino was vacationing when his partner Cecilia revealed to him that she was. pregnant .
It is specifically from Sandro Molino (Silvio Orlando), who is now in poor condition, returns to his home in Ventotini with his partner Cecilia (Laura Morante) which begins the movie. With them is their son Altero (Andrea Carpenzano), a twenty-six-year-old digital entrepreneur (he created a messaging app), married to a model, and a group of the journalist's old friends still in the grip of his ideologies: his obsession now is to write a letter to Ursula von der Leyen to protect Haya. His favorite student is Tito, his ten-year-old nephew. On the other side of the barrier, the Mazzalupi family is still in place now Sabrina Verrelli Along with an unexpected new companion, he plays… Christian De Sica (Who replaced the late Piero Natoli(And above all, she is represented by her niece, Sabri Mazaloubi)Anna Ferraioli Ravel(A very well-known curvy influencer who works with her manager boyfriend, Cesar the Compulsive)Vinicio Marchionne) on the island to attend their wedding. This wedding is a social event that clearly attracts the media as well as the new political power, ready to ride Sabri's notoriety by running. These two tribes of vacationers, representing a more difficult-to-reconcile Italianity of twenty-eight years ago, in the clash seem to annihilate their differences with the ideologically superior and desperate cry: “Life is dirty and people are bad.”

The hope of the young and the death that doesn't have to be scary

The end of ideologies? “There is still someone who understands Sandro's message, it is his nephew Tito, who knows, maybe he will become the leader of the left in the future,” Ferzi answers, not without irony, at the press conference. The director says frankly that the film has a strong sad undertone: “It is a film about death. We should not be afraid of this word. Death is part of life. There are people who die, but there is also a new, positive birth.” Things”.
In Ferzi's mind, births are always a hope, and Tito is the embodiment of that. But behind that there is always a sad present veil made up of women who are dissatisfied or disillusioned with their love, along with unsuitable men, almost non-existent father-son relationships, demands for freedom in their sexual orientation and contemporary categories such as influencers. .

Great staff for adults and children in Italy today

“I promised Piero Natoli to perform a second Ferragosto. Unforgettable friends had died but their presence was not absent. I wrote at the dawn of a new season in Italy, and I felt the desire to write a new story at the moment of the day that this season is. I have gathered those who were there from Glorious 1996 gang, we even wrote the movie together a little bit.So loyal Laura Morante, Silvio Orlando, Sabrina Virilli, But also great news like Christian De Sica Who admits today: “Ferzi is a great acting master. I immediately said yes, my character is a cheater, a thief, an alcoholic. I said well, that's satisfaction. For my career, it was a feather in my cap to take on a role.” “A movie with Ferzi. I was used to my father asking you to do less of me because I was too much. Paolo was the first director to tell me what to do: more less, now make me laugh, now shut up. Other than Christmas vacation, it was a real holiday in Ventotini, then with Sabrina, who is my sister… and hopefully we will also do Ferragosto 3.”

Great staff Which also witnesses the presence of Andrea Carpenzano, Vinicio Marchionne, Anna Ferraioli Ravel, with the participation of Emanuela Fanelli, Rocco Papalio, Paola Tiziana Crociani, Agniz Claes. Other artists also include Gigio Alberti, Claudia della Citta, Lorenzo Fantasticini, Liliana Fiorelli, Raffaella Liboroni, Melina Mancini, Maria Laura Rondanini, Emma Stokholma, Lili Vanoli and Silvio Vannucci.

How the characters have changed, from Silvio Orlando to Laura Morante and Sabrina Virilli

“This time I threw myself at my nephew Tito because he is the only one who listens to me – confirms Silvio Orlando -. The relationship with my son Altero? For me he is a bit of an alien, we do not communicate, and his very homosexual relationship is not something I understand much.” Instead, says Laura Morante: “Even in this film, my daughter Cecilia does not succumb to being ignored and despised by an intellectual husband, she always feels a little inferior, and in any case she is not quite first-class.” “Marissa only arrived on the island to save her niece from this marriage. She is a woman who believes in love between spouses, and no longer having her husband, she reinvests in De Sica, and hopes that he can replace her.” Sabrina Virilli explains. De Sica says of his character: “I have a skull and a flower in its mouth hanging on my neck. I am a cheater, a thief and an alcoholic.” Finally, Marchionne: “I am a cross between the Bianchi Collefero brothers and Ronaldo in terms of obsessive masculine aesthetic research. In short, a poor fool.”


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