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€2,800 per month (and expenses paid) for travel by trolley. Requirements and place to apply

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Travel lovers From all over the world here is the perfect proposal for you. Do you love to travel but can’t afford it? Here’s the solution: Travel spends nothing and actually earns. There is a monthly €2,800 (the equivalent of NZ$5,000) offered by an agency to those who agree to get into a super-equipped wagon between Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the salary, expenses for travel, equipment and food are included. To publish the exciting job offer, Deel Agency, which is looking for content creators with a clear focus on travel, to be posted on the company’s various social media platforms. Cnbc also reports.

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Your dream job: €2,800 for travel

For this job it is necessary to have a valid passport, driver’s license and very good knowledge of English, especially written, videography and social networks.

This last criterion is perhaps the strictest, and not for everyone: in fact, it is necessary to prove that you have at least three years of experience as a social account manager, as an influencer or as a brand ambassador. The ability to organize remote meetings and meet clients and corporate partner companies is also required. But there are only a few hours left to apply for this Link.

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