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Palermo. “Twins” Bataro and Duda: More space for the Green Line. “Taht” will play an important role with Baldini

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Today’s edition of “Il Giornale di Sicilia” focuses on the Green Line of Palermo.

Market, technical choices, and confirmations: three clues that won’t be a test, but we’re close. 2022 will be Palermo that will rely more on its “kids”, considering how an eleven potential start shapes up with Baldini on the bench.

One was chosen in the winter transfer market, the other was a fixed holder even before the change to the technical guide and the third, as long as the team can fully train, is more than a reliable candidate for a shirt from the first minute on the new tactical chessboard. The 4-2-3-1 will open the doors for Silipo, in a trot Felici sees his potential “peer” with his right foot, waiting for Pataro to be available to take a place in defence, as he certainly does the competition. , but the young man from the Roma nursery has already shown that he knows how to quickly climb the hierarchy.

The quarterback, born in 2002, played in the middle, in the four-man line, also with Felipe. He basically showed himself as third on the right in a three-man line, albeit rarely, he was used as a full winger, which is why using him in a 4-2-3-1 he could also be a full-back. Indeed, on the few occasions when Palermo appeared behind him four men, his place was always in the middle. Moreover, even when playing with a treble, in the preparation phase, the teams settled with four elements in defense, which made Perrotta climb the left wing and pull the right wing.

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