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Qatar, stolen Spanish journalist live. And the police ask her: “What punishment do you want when we find the thief?” – video

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What do you want the courts to do all Thief? They sentenced him to 5 years in prison? Who expels him? You can decide.” The Spanish journalist was asked Dominic Metzgersend to Qatar for the exporter TN extension to follow i world Cup. According to what was reported by the newspaper NationAnd the Metzger was pickpocketed during a live television broadcast, and in a lengthy video clip posted to Stories From InstagramHe recounted his experience. “They got me to steal Pocket wallet. This is the police station, where they sent me to file a complaint,” the journalist said in the video. “They made me go to a women-only waiting area because everything here is divided,” Metzger adds, showing the room with a camera phone. Then the weirdest part: «On point Moeinah – as the journalist says – when they were collecting the statement, they asked me:What does the justice system want to do when it finds the thief? Because we will find it, we have high-tech cameras.” The journalist was going to be offered various offers Punishment options For harming a thief: a sentence of imprisonment of five years, or a procedure for expelling him from the city. Metzger contented herself with saying that she was content to have her assets back, without additional responsibilities, but was eager to tell the episode publicly. Just a few days ago another case happened All in all the like. Rasmus Tantoldtposted by TV2DenmarkPolice forced him to interrupt a live TV broadcast Doha. The reporter was answering a question raised by the study about a case human rights In Qatar, when an officer tried to break into the camera. After the incident, the anchor received formal apology by the tournament organizers.

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